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Olympic Swim Team concludes Canada Cup on a strong note

MONTREAL – Olympic team swimmer Martha McCabe of Toronto finished strong at the Canada Cup in Montreal well ahead of her competitors in the women’s 200m breaststroke.

McCabe’s time of 2:26.65 was close to 4 seconds ahead of second place AshleyMcGregor of Pointe-Claire, and third place Tera Van Beilen of Oakville, ON also bound for London this month.

“This meet is totally about working on strategy. I was just thinking about my first fifty (meters) and my last fifty. That’s good, it’s what I needed to do.”

For Canada’s olympic swimmers like McCabe, the Canada Cup was “used as an opportunity to race and evaluate what needs to be fined tuned before the big show,” said Pierre Lafontaine, CEO and National Coach for Swimming Canada.

Overall, McCabe was pleased with her performances this past weekend. “it’s gone exactly how I needed to go this weekend. “

“This is kind of the harder part, getting it all down to perfection. It’s great if you can swim fast in training but it’s translating that into racing that matters,” added McCabe.

First time Olympian Katerine Savard ofPont-Rouge, QC, was equally pleased with this weekend’s outcome.

“I was really happy with my 200 butterfly. At this stage, we’re well trained but not well rested so the sprint races are much harder.”

Savard and her Olympic swim teammates will depart for Olbia, Italy, tomorrow for their last preparations before the big arrival into London on July 24th.

This edition of the Canada Cup also featured some of Canada’s Paralympic team nominees.

Summer Mortimer of Ancaster, ON, was surprised by her showing.

“I’ve had a rough time with my feet the last month so I wasn’t expecting anythingrelatively amazing but I’m close to my world records so that was the goal and hopefully at the CanAms I’ll be right on target and for London I’ll be under.”

Canada’s Paralympic Swim Team nominees will competing at the Speedo Para-swimming CANAM in Winnipeg, July 20 to 24th.

Full results: https://swimming.ca/liveresults/12canadacupmtl/index.html