Victoria, BC (ISN) – UVic’s Wallace Field and Centennial Stadium will be the sites this weekend for the second installment of the Victoria International Rugby 7’s Tournament, as matches in a number of age divisions take place.

The second installment of the Victoria International 7s tournament starts this Friday at Wallace Field, where U14’s and U18’s will battle it out for supremacy and finish their respective tournaments Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, the long-awaited Senior Men’s Tournament, featuring eight teams full of developing players from Canada, the United States and The Cayman Islands, will begin at Centennial Stadium. The four-team women’s tournament will also begin and wrap up Saturday at Wallace Field. Players in every tournament will fight to gain provincial and international attention from their respective countries, provinces and states.

The Senior Men’s tournament is the expected main draw of the weekend when the first two teams take to the Centennial Stadium pitch starting at 8:30 am on Saturday. Developing National 7s hopefuls from across Canada will suit up as the Maple Leafs.

The United States is sending in three teams for the senior tournament. The Old Puget Sound Beach from Seattle, USA Military Selects and the favoured Atlantis RFC are coming up from South of the border to test their skills in Victoria. The Cayman Islands National Seven’s team rounds up the eight team table.

The Maple Leafs campaign in Victoria will be all about the development from top to bottom. The roster will consist of five men fresh out of the Junior World Trophy Competition last month in Utah, such as Clayton Meeres, Mike Fuailefau Jon West, Cam Stones, and Josh Hart . Sean Ferguson will be the only Maple Leaf with IRB International Senior 7s experience, as he represented Canada in Las Vegas last year.

The squad will be managed by Des Lynch and coached by Pat Fleck and Ian Hyde Lay.

Geraint John, Head Coach and Program Manager of Canada’s National Senior 7s, explained how the senior tournament is a perfect opportunity for young players and new coaches to gain real 7s experience, as many Canadian players are currently involved in other competitions or recovery.

“This squad is about creating opportunities for new players – developing players and exposing them to the game of 7s which many have not played,” John said. “Players unavailable are U18 players who are in their own competition, plus the U19 players who are at the CRC U19 competition. Also we have the FISU group away and also there are many senior national players going through an active rest and recovery period in preparations for a busy season ahead.”

John gave the coaching task to Hyde Lay and Fleck so he could sit back and watch the individual performance of all teams and Canadian players on show. John is also attending the U18 tournament on Friday to scope the future of Canadian Rugby.

British Columbia’s team is expected to turn some heads this weekend. Led by two notable coaches, Canadian legend Phil Mack who is now back in training and 2007 World Cup Captain Morgan Williams. The side is stacked with ex-internationals Neil Meechan, Christopher Strubin and Dan Harlow.

The heaviest favoured team in Victoria is the United States’ Atlantis RFC. Much like the Maple Leafs, Atlantis is a national invitational development team, and is managed by current USA National 7s Heads Coach Alex Magelby. Atlantis founder Emil Signes and coach for the competition spoke on behalf of his team, who cannot wait to hit the pitch on Saturday.

“Atlantis is excited about the opportunity to play in this tournament, and we hope to add several players from this to that national teams list,” Signes said.

Victoria 7s U14 Teams

Pool A: South Island 1, Valley West 2, Burnaby, Valley West 3
Pool B: Valley West 1, South Island 2, Delta, North Shore

U14 Schedule

Friday at Wallace Field
10:35 AM: South Island 1 vs Valley West 3
10:55 AM: Valley West 2 vs Burnaby
11:15 AM:  Valley West 1 vs North Shore
11:35 AM: South Island 2 vs Delta

1:05 PM: South Island 1 vs  Burnaby
1:25 PM: Valley West 2 vs Valley West 3
1:45 PM: Valley West 1 vs Delta
2:05 PM: South Island 2 vs North Shore

3:35 PM: South Island 1 vs Valley West 2
3:55 PM: Burnaby vs Valley West 3
4:15 PM: Valley West 1 vs South Island 2
4:45 PM:  Delta vs North Shore

Saturday at Wallace Field
8:30 AM: 3rd Pool A vs 4th Pool B (Bowl Semi) (Game 1)
8:50 AM: 3rd Pool B vs 4th Pool A (Bowl Semi) (Game 2)
9:10 AM: 1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B (Cup Semi) (Game 3)
9:30 AM: 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A (Cup Semi) (Game 4)

Saturday at Centennial Stadium
9:55 AM: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2 (Final Shield)
10:15 AM: Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 2 (Final Bowl)
10:35 AM: Loser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4 (Final Plate)
10:55 AM: Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4 (Final Cup)

U18 Teams

BC Gold, Ontario, BC Blue, Utah, Washington, BC White

U18 Games

Friday at Wallace Field
9:30 AM: BC Gold vs Utah
9:50 AM: Ontario vs BC Blue
10:10 AM: Washington vs BC White

12:00 PM: BC Gold vs BC Blue
12:20 PM: Ontario vs BC White
12:40 PM: Utah vs Washington

2:30 PM: BC Gold vs Ontario
2:50 PM: BC Blue vs Washington
3:10 PM: Utah vs BC White

5:00 PM: BC Gold vs BC White
5:20 PM: Ontario vs Washington
5:40 PM: BC Blue vs Utah
Saturday at Centennial Stadium
12:45 PM: BC Gold vs Washington
1:05 PM: Ontario vs Utah
1:25 PM: BC Blue vs BC White
3:10 PM: 5th Place vs 6th Place (Final Bowl)
5:20 PM: 3rd Place vs 4th Place (Final Plate)
5:40 PM: 1st Place vs 2nd Place (Final Cup)

Women’s Teams

Victoria Selects, North Vancouver Island Rugby Union, Comox/Cowichan Selects, BC Summer Games

Women’s Schedule

Saturday at Wallace
11:05 AM: Victoria Selects vs BC Summer Games
11:25 AM: North Vancouver Island Rugby Union vs Comox/Cowichan Selects
11:45 AM: Victoria Selects vs Comox/Cowichan Selects
12:05 PM:  North Vancouver Island Rugby Union vs BC Summer Games
Saturday at Centennial Stadium
3:35 PM: 1st Place vs 2nd Place (Cup Final)

Senior Teams
Pool A: Maple Leafs, Old Puget Sound Beach, Crimson Tide, USA Military Selects
Pool B: Atlantis, BC, Cayman Islands, South Seas Connection

Senior Schedule
Saturday at Centennial Stadium
8:30 AM: Maple Leafs vs US Military Selects
8:50 AM: Old Puget Sound Beach vs Crimson Tide
9:10 AM: Atlantis vs South Seas Connection
9:50 AM: BC vs Cayman Islands
11:20 AM: Maple Leafs vs Crimson Tide
11:40 AM: Old Puget Sound Beach vs USA Military Selects
12:00 PM: Atlantis vs Cayman Islands
12:20 PM: BC vs South Seas Connection

1:45 PM: Maple Leafs vs Old Puget Sound Beach
2:05 PM: Crimson Tide vs USA Military Selects
2:30 PM: Atlantis vs BC
2:50 PM: Cayman Islands vs South Seas Connection
3:55 PM: 3rd Place Pool A vs 4th Place Pool B (Semi Bowl) (Game 1)
4:15 PM: 3rd Place Pool B vs 4th Place Pool A (Semi Bowl) (Game 2)
4:35 PM: 1st Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B (Semi Cup) (Game 3)
4:55 PM: 1st Place Pool B vs 2nd Place Pool A (Semi Cup) (Game 4)
6:05 PM: Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2 (Semi Bowl)
6:25 PM: Loser of Game 3 vs Loser of Game 4 (3rd vs 4th)
6:45 PM: Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4 (Final Cup)

Maple Leafs Roster

1. Gareth Dyer  – Capilano RFC (West Vancouver)?
2. Mozac Samson – Castaway Wanderers (Calgary, AB)?
3. Zac Coughlan – James Bay (St. John’s, NL)
?4. Michael Fuailefau -UVIC Vikes (Victoria, BC)?
5. Cam Stones – Ajax Wanderers (Witby, ON)?
6. Sean Ferguson – UBC Thunderburds (Port Coquitlam, BC)?
7. Clayton Meeres – Abbotsford RFU (Chilliwack BC)?
8. Jon West – Markham Irish RFC (Scarborough, ON)
?9. Josh Hart – Cowichan RFC (Minitonas, MB)?1
10. Mike Mizerski – Castaway Wanderers (Toronto, Ontario)
*Two players to be added

Pat Fleck (Coach)
Ian Hyde Lay (Coach)
Des Lynch (Manager)
Jen McKinnon (Therapist)