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The 2nd Annual Victoria International Sevens Rugby Tournament has grown to include a U-17 Girls division. While rugby isn’t thought of as a traditional sport for teenage girls to participate in, this year’s tournament featured close to 30 girls split into 3 teams.

The Crimson Tide, Vancouver Island’s BC Summer Games representatives, won the inaugural Cup with a 42-0 victory over the Cowichan RFC in front of a large crowd at Centennial Stadium.


The 2nd running of the Victoria International 7’s Rugby Tournament expanded to include a U-17 girls division. (photo by Glenn Ivens)

The recent success of the Canadian National Senior Women’s team, most recently winning the Amsterdam Sevens, along with the debut of Seven a Side rugby in the 2016 Olympics in Rio have proven to be a strong drawing card for the women’s program.

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The future of women’s rugby looks promising with close to 30 girls participating in the U-17 division of the Victoria International 7’s Rugby Tournament. (photo by Glenn Ivens)

While still in its early growing stages and having to fight for equal recognition in both the media and the sporting community the women’s programs have proven they are both fine athletes and dedicated to the sport of Rugby.


With the recent success of the National Women’s team and the debut of Seven’s rugby in the 2016 Olympics the sport is one of the fastet growing in North America. (photo by Glenn Ivens) 

Hopefully we will see a Senior Women’s division at the 3rd annual Victoria International Sevens allowing the fans an opportunity to see just how exciting the women’s game can be.

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