saratoga speedway

Saratoga Speedway Summary, July 14th, 2012
By Terry Guest

Comox (ISN) – After 150 laps, 8 cautions, and some of the best racing ever displayed at Saratoga Speedway, #07 Wade Bland who was racing at Saratoga Speedway for the first time came out victorious in the Thrifty Foods 150 lap race last Saturday night.

The Bomber cars, Dwarf cars and the I.M.C.A Modifieds were also racing on Saturday, and also put on some good racing.

In The Modified division, #00 Bart Smith who was also racing in the Late Model division, dominated 5 others Modifieds in the 20 lap feature, leading every lap to win his fourth main event of the year. 12 Dwarf cars took to the track for the 20 lap feature main event. #44 Bob Greenaway led for the first 4 laps until #34 Ike Armitage passed him in turn 4 to take the lead and he would never look back from there winning his second main event of the year. #11 Mike Meeres challenged late, but ended up finishing in second to Armitage. #33 Brian Baltis had his best night of the year in the Bomber car division. Baltis won the only heat, and led all 20 laps to win his first main event of the season. #46 Travis Stevenson finished second, with third going to #29 Rob Gaudreault, who was filling in for Gilles Cyr on the night.

In the Late Model division, #16 Rory Smith won the B heat, with the A heat going to #45 Aaron Wilkie. Smith started pole for the 150 lap main event. Smith held the lead for the first 5 laps, until #88 Tyler Clough over took the lead on the front stretch. Clough led for 25 laps, but Smith would briefly re-take his lead for 6 laps. On lap 39, #86 Tom Berrow found his way around Smith to take the lead. 7 cautions would take place over the next 50 laps, causing the field to shrink to 11 cars. Berrow was dominating the field, leading for 105 laps and it looked like no one could catch him; but on lap 144, #07 Wade Bland found himself on Berrow’s bumper. Lap cars would play a huge factor on lap 145; Berrow risked it and went high around the lap cars and got boxed in, giving Bland the lead and he would never look back from there, winning the Thrifty Foods 150. Berrow would finish in a disappointing second, with third going to #16 Rory Smith, fourth to #88 Tyler Clough, and fifth to #45 Aaron Wilkie. Berrow would win the first place money prize though, finishing the night with the most overall points.

Extra laps…Next weekend marks the return of the Crash to Pass cars, Roadrunners and the Hornet cars after two weeks off. The Wingless Sprint cars return on the 28th of July, accompanied by the Bomber cars, I.M.C.A Modifieds, Motorcycles and the first appearance of the Island Mini Stocks. The Sprint cars put on a great showing the last time they were out, so make sure to check out these two great nights and many more to come this year.