Double Promo Weekend a Big Hit at Western Speedway


Story by Ken Keating

Victoria, BC (ISN) – Last weekend Western Speedway featured a “Weekend of Destruction” with a “Dukes of Hazzard” show on Friday the 13th and the “Eve of Destruction” on Saturday the 14th with car chases, boat races, car jumps, fireworks, and even some races with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers.

Richlock Rentals was the host as they teamed with O’Dell Slinger Service and to bring the weekend’s events to the Speedway. Friday’s show began well enough until Mother Nature unleashed the “fireworks” with a vicious thunder and lightning storm not seen in Victoria for several years and that certainly put a damper on the show. I wonder if there is anything to that “Friday the 13th” thing?” Before the storm hit, they managed to get in some races as the Bomber’s Trophy Dash was awarded to Bruce Knight as he was the only driver to stay above the twenty second lap time. Kirk Peacey in the Demo Cars, Richard Milne in the Demo Trucks, and Brandon Young in the Figure 8s were the other Dash winners. Morgan Giles and Teresa Johnson in the Bomber Series won their Heat races while Marc Parkinson in the Demo Cars, Richard Milne in the Demo Trucks, and Brandon Young were the other Heat race winners. In the only Feature of the night, Brandon Young completed a clean sweep as he came in with that win.

Several thousand fans and Media people including Scott Harrigan from Island Sports News and his friends Shauna Leeson and her son Quinn, and Myrna Proulx from Orkagraphiks flocked to Western Speedway Saturday under beautiful warm temperatures and a great night for racing and to witness and film some combined events from the Friday show.

Several of Victoria’s well know Mascots showed up including Marty The Marmot who led a parade of kids dancing to the Black Eye Peas “I Gotta Feelin”. Daisy The Cow, BC Hydro Smart Computer, Barney the Frog, and Striker from the Victoria Highlanders were a few more dancing along the front stretch. Josh “The Crusher” Beckel set up a van in front of a small ramp and literally tore the whole roof off this vehicle as he drove a car into it at a high rate of speed just one of planned stunt shows. He said: “Man that was a blast, a lot of fun” after exiting the car unhurt.

There were no Trophy Dashes on the Saturday night but lots of race action with Heat races and Feature events. Morgan Giles and Chris Broughton won the Bomber Heats, while Marc Parkinson won the Demo Car Heat, Rhett Szevics and Shawn Young won in the Figure 8s, and Richard Milne continued his winning ways taking the Demo Truck Heat race.

Twelve vehicles lined up in a combined Demo Truck and Demo Car Feature event. Richard Milne had an extremely fast truck Friday and had a good start for Saturday’s events with a win in the Heat race but as they dropped the green flag he was hit and his truck would not refire. He was pushed to the pits and was able to get the truck going as the field came around for the green flag with Milne a long ways back from the tail end of the field. Aasen Baker got the lead early for the trucks as did Kirk Peacey in the Demo Cars. Peacey went almost unchallenged as he came home to the chequered flag in the Demo Car Series while Milne was trying to come from a long ways back picking off trucks as he marched forward. On lap eleven he took out Aasen Baker for second and one lap later took out Doug Richens and spun him out for the lead as the fans cheered his assault on the field. He did take the chequered flag for a great week end of racing for the former Champion.

James Young led a field of eleven cars to the green flag in the Figure 8 Feature event but it was Brandon Young who jumped into the early lead on lap two. Kyle Rizok followed him into second spot while James stood his ground running third. On lap twelve, Shawn Young moved up taking the second spot and four laps later Rhett Szevics joined the front runners taking over the third position. Over the next few laps, Rhett, Rizok, Jim Young, and James battled hard for positions. On lap thirty, Jim took the lead briefly and lost that back to Brandon, then Rizok, and finally to James who took the lead on lap thirty-six. When the chequered flag dropped, James hung on for the win followed by Rizok, and Szevics rounding out the top three positions.

Daniel David led sixteen cars to the green flag in the Bomber Feature event but Ron Benham got out to lead after the first lap followed quickly by Sean Whitley and Chris Broughton. On lap nine, Broughton made the pass for the second position and challenged Benham for the lead running side by side for several laps. On lap twelve, Broughton got the clear pass while the next cars fighting for position included Brandon Steen driving the #77 car, Morgan Giles, Aaron Cameron, Brenden Moore, and Andrew Wilson. Positions were exchanged almost every lap. On lap thirteen, the yellow flag came out as Wilson spun around, and that placed Steen to the outside of Broughton for the resumption of green flag racing while Wilson chose the second row outside for the restart. On lap fifteen, Steen grabbed the lead from Broughton after running side by side for several laps and Andrew Wilson moved up to the second position on lap eighteen. On lap twenty-five, Wilson got by Steen for the lead as Brenden Moore took over the third spot. After thirty-five laps of racing Wilson came home the winner followed by Morgan Giles, Steen, Moore, and Cameron filling out the top five positions. Marty The Marmot and Rockell Kroppmans met the winning drivers at Victory Square for Trophy presentations.

Several vehicles lined up for a boat race each trying to illiminate the others boats. Kyle Rizok lost his boat first but that didn’t stop this driver for nailing every boat whether it was being pulled or not running through a couple that lay still in the middle of the track. Brandon Young came into the pits with parts of a boat laying across the hood of his truck. Doug Richens slammed into the front stretch wall with his boat but was able to continue. When the fibreglass settled, Cam Wilkinson had the most boat left and came home with the win. Several drivers also took part in a total destruction event that included Chris Romkey, Sean Hitchings, and B.J. Veld. They smashed and bashed until Romkey was the last to move and was declared the winner. This event was followed by a great fireworks show much to the delight of the many fans and the preparations were made for Josh “The Crusher” Beckel to take part in a Dukes of Hazzard jump after a chase by “Boss Hog” and “Roscoe B. Coltrane” and into a tier of three vehicles with the “General Lee” look-alike. He avoided the Sheriff but did not avoid hitting his intended target of a van sitting on top of the tier. He drove that vehicle several feet down the track and exited the crushed General with narry a scratch. He also blew himself up in a van setting off a huge fireball and then jumping from the burning vehicle again unscathed much to the delight of the fans anxious for a return engagement from the fearless stunt driver from Washington State.

The next event, at Western Speedway, is the Wednesday Night Fever with the Steve Copp Construction sponsored Hornet Series scheduled for Wednesday July 18th. The next regular event is scheduled for Saturday July 1st that will feature the Billy Foster Memorial with the high flying Non Wing Sprints, the SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stocks, the OTRA Series and the Hornets running on the big oval once again.

Christian J. Stewart
Christian is a professional photographer and media professional based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Currently working as the Assistant General Manager for Victoria HarbourCats Baseball Club, a Senior Contributing Editor and photographer at Independent Sports News (ISN) and operating his own freelance photography and media/pr company.