Tickets Go on Sale Wednesday

Ottawa, ON (ISN) – In late August, Canada will take on North America and the Caribbean for a spot in the highest level of international 7s rugby, as the 2012 NACRA 7s takes place at Twin Elms Stadium in Ottawa on August 26 and 25.

This year’s competition is serving as the regional qualifier for the 2013 Rugby 7s World Cup in Moscow, Russia.  The event will see 11 of the most prominent rugby nations in North America, South America and the Caribbean send Men’s and Women’s squads to face off to earn a spot in the 2013 Rugby 7s World Cup taking place in Russia.

This could be the last ever World Cup, as the iRB has stated this could be the final Rugby 7s World Cup with the inclusion of the sport into the Olympics for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Canada wants to make history by winning the NACRA competition and qualifying both men and women to the World Cup.

Nine squads from four regions have already made it to the 24 team Men’s World Cup. South Africa and Kenya have already qualified, leaving two spots left in the Africa region. Argentina clinched a spot with one remaining in the South American bracket. There are only two spots left in Oceania, as New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji have made the cut. Europe has the most spots available at five, as England, Russia and Wales are already set to go to Moscow. Only Asia and North America/The Caribbean are currently without qualifiers. Asia has three spots up for grabs and the competition in Ottawa will determine which of the 2 Men’s NACRA nations will get the green light into Russia.

With only 16 teams competing, the Canadian Women have less room for error. South Africa is in the clear, leaving one spot left in its respective region. New Zealand and Australia lead the way for Oceania with one spot left for the highest-ranked team available. That team, however, will compete in an Asian competition in order to qualify for the World Cup. England, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Ireland and Russia have stacked the European region, as no spots are left. South America has one spot left and Asia three, but both have no qualifying nations revealed. Due to their outstanding performance in the 7s Series, the United States has officially qualified. This leaves only room for the NACRA champions.

For the Canadian Women, a NACRA championship is an achievable goal, as a developing female Canadian Maple Leafs squad stole last year’s NACRA 7s when they defeated Jamaica 38-0 for the Cup in Barbados.

Although Canada’s Senior Men will compete in the NACRA 7s for the first time, their 7s program has seen considerable success in the past year, including an outstanding performance in the Hong Kong tournament last March. As a result, both Canadian teams have developed a lethal reputation around the world in the sport of 7s.

The Rugby 7s World Cup was instituted in 1993, with the first tournament held in Edinburgh, Scotland, where England defeated Australia. The second instalment saw Fiji defeat South Africa in Hong Kong in 1997. New Zealand stole the 2001 competition in Argentina, and in 2005 Fiji retained their dominance in Hong Kong by defeating New Zealand. The iRB made a pitch to add 7s to the 2005 Olympics but the attempt was denied, as development for Women’s 7s was needed. A Women’s tournament was added alongside the Men’s in 2009 when the competition was held in Dubai. Wales proved the best men, while Australia snagged the first ever Women’s Cup.

As in 15’s, Canada has qualified for every Rugby 7s World Cup Competition. Due to the increased success and the erratic nature of the game of 7s, Canada has a strong chance to shine in the competition and be a part of history as possibly the final tournament signifies the end of an era.

Tickets on Sale Wednesday

Tickets go on sale on July 25th. With Canada’s Men’s and Women’s teams looking to score a win on home soil, day passes for the event will start at $25 so everyone can enjoy the experience of attending one of the top rugby competitions in the western hemisphere.

There are three ways for fans to purchase tickets. Individual ticket orders can go to to purchase tickets or in person at Twin Elm

Rugby Park, while large groups of 15 or more people can take advantage of discounted rates and purchase tickets by calling the Ticket Hotline at 1-905-707-8998 x245.

Tickets will be available for purchase as Saturday or Sunday passes, as well as full weekend discount rates. Online prices for adults 19 and over start at $25 for a day pass and $40 for all-weekend access. For students with valid ID, $15 will get a day pass and $25 a weekend ticket. Youth under the age of 14 day and weekend passes will cost $10 and $15, respectively. For the ultimate rugby experience, which includes the best seats, two drink tickets and a lunch buffet per day, VIP tickets are available online for $90 and $160 for day and weekend passes. All prices are subject to additional taxes and fees.

For group prices, day passes start at $20 for adults, $10 for students, $7.50 for youth and $90 for VIP seating. Weekend passes will cost adults $30, students $15, youth $10 and VIP $160. Group rates can only be taken advantage of through advance purchase and are also subject to taxes and fees.

Game day tickets can be purchased in person at Twin Elm Rugby Park. For day passes, adult seating costs $30, student $20, youth $15 and VIP $105. Weekend passes will start at $50 for adults, $30 for students, $20 for youth and $180 for VIP. Prices will immediately convert to game day rates on August 25.

Rugby Canada invites fans from coast to coast to join our National Senior 7s teams as they battle it out for a spot on the 2013 Rugby 7s World Cup. Come out, get loud and support our teams as we continue to show the world our 7s program is a force to be reckoned with!