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VICTORIA (ISN) –  Two former top-ranked Canadian athletes, Jason Heit and Cody Flegel of Victoria, have formed Athlete Illuminati (AI) to offer athletes a line of high end nutritional supplements, funding for their training efforts and a state-of-the-art training centre, that will provide athletes with every possible advantage to meet their training goals.

For Canadian amateur athletes, the most prevalent and challenging opponent is money.

A select group of national-level amateur athletes receive a small government stipend to help with expenses, but full private or public sponsorships are hard to come by. Financial difficulties force many athletes out of their sport and into premature retirement, far short of their athletic potential.

In order to provide Canada’s athletes with every possible advantage, two former top-ranked Canadian athletes, Jason Heit and Cody Flegel, formed Athlete Illuminati (AI).

From AI’s inception, Heit and Flegel have emphasized the need to bring former professional and competitive athletes into the company, as both employees and part owners. In addition to a select group of researchers and trainers, these former ranked athletes allow AI to cater to each and every sport specifically.

“We believe that every athlete should be given the opportunities, advantages and knowledge to maximize their genetic potential and succeed in their sport,” say Heit and Flegel.

Athlete Illuminati helps athletes in three ways.

First, AI offers an advanced, pure, and effective nutritional supplement line. Composed of high-grade compounds with no proprietary blends, athletes know exactly what they are taking, why they are taking it – and most importantly, that it is safe.

Whether an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or new fitness enthusiast wanting the most out of their workouts, AI’s supplement line allows athletes to fatigue later, recover faster and train harder. They are available at  and select retail outlets.

Second, sales of AI supplements help fund AI athletes financially, through the Athletes Supporting Athletes program.

“When an individual buys our supplements online, Athlete Illuminati donates five per cent of the order to fund an athlete or program of their choice,” says Heit.

These funds help athletes cover living expenses, equipment costs, and travel demands.

“By using the same supplements as their favourite athletes, friends and fans can actually fund an individual’s training while gaining the same competitive edge. We wish a program like this had been around years ago.”

Finally, Athlete Illuminati has a state-of-the-art training centre. Located in Victoria, it offers services such as blood lactate tolerance testing, blood lactate production testing, altitude training, and much more. The centre offers these training techniques to athletes at any level from all sports.

“This is a fundamental aspect of our vision for AI,” says Flegel, “to this point, this level of training and these advantages have only been available to the world’s top professional and Olympic athletes.”

“Our concept is to give our athletes every competitive advantage, and ensure they can compete at their physical and mental best.”

Over 35 Professional, Olympic and Amateur athletes, from all different sports are already registered in the Athlete Illuminati program including London bound Olympians Richard Weinberger (Swimming), Liz Gleadle (Javelin) and Kai Langerfeld (Rowing).

“That’s the best part of AI,” says Flegel. “We’re uniting athletes from every discipline under one banner, creating a community that fosters greatness.”

About Jason Heit

Jason Heit represented Canada in boxing and kickboxing as an amateur athlete and went on to compete in professional boxing and MMA.

About Cody Flegel

Cody Flegel swam with the University of Victoria where he broke multiple longstanding UVIC records during his career, establishing himself as one of the country’s top sprinters.


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