ISKA Kickboxing

By Keith Varga

Victoria, BC (ISN) – Training in martial arts since he was a young child, fighting for the last 10 years, Gabriel Varga’s two goals, to fight in the K 1 and to be able to fight for the ISKA professional world title, will soon both become reality.

Both of these dreams will be realized this year.  ISKA president Cory Schafer has approved Gabriel Varga to fight for the Professional Super Lightweight ISKA title which will happen on Vancouver Island later this year.

Dennis Warner of In Sync Productions has just signed Gabriel to fight Lerdsilia in the K 1 event which will be held in Las Angeles this September. Gabriel will fight one of the most respected fighters to ever enter the ring. I am told Lerdsilia has a staggering record of a couple hundred wins and only a couple losses, one of which was to Sanchai – who is regarded as the best Thai fighter in the world at any weight class.

These are the opportunities which Gabriel has been working towards for a decade.

Lerdsilia is tough, fast, cagey and an extremely skilled opponent. This will be both a dream and an honour for Gabriel to be given this opportunity by Dennis Warner and the K 1.

Anyone unfamiliar with the K 1 is in for a treat. The K 1 is the premier fighting circuit in the world. Around the world, people refer to K 1 rules. This is modified Thai fighting as they do not use elbows, have limited the length of the clinch in the successful pursuit of a more exciting, faster paced fight than traditional Muay Thai. K 1 fighters have also had to develop professional boxing skills as well. Most events in British Columbia utilize these rules on the numerous fight cards held throughout the province.

The K 1 has always been based out of Japan – as were the events and fights. Recently the K 1 organization has been purchased by new owners who are bringing their event to different countries. This is a fantastic decision as fighters world wide dream of an opportunity to fight on a K 1 event. The fighters in these events put on the most exciting display of talent and skill one could hope to experience watching in the ring.

I know Gabriel grew up watching and admiring the amazing skills of K 1 fighters such as Ray Sefo, Remi Bonjansky, Masato, Buakaw and our own Canadian – Michael McDonald.

Gabriel will now have his opportunity to step into the ring, into the history and greatness of previous and current K 1 fighters. This is the ultimate opportunity for any fighter in the world.

September in Las Angeles.