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Story by Hannah Lawrie, Photos by Erich Eichhorn – ISN

Victoria (ISN) – The Victoria Highlander’s Football club hosts a match fundraiser each year to raise money for the Archie Courtnall Centre at Jubilee Hospital and this year’s event took place Sunday at Royal Athletic Park.

674 supporters attended the match at Royal Athletic Park.  The donation was five dollars a person. The teams playing for the cause were Canadian Soccer Legends versus the Saanich Firefighters.  The Canadian Soccer Legends won the match 4-0. 

Jordie Benn of the NHL Dallas Stars takes time out to autograph a young fans t-shirt – Erich Eichhorn image ( www.allsportmedia.ca )

When asked if there was any training before the game Brian Catinus number 7 on the firefighter’s team said, “Not really. Most of the guys play on local teams.”

CSA International player Tyler Hughes has his hands and legs full with Saanich firefighter and Div 1 Bays United player Matt Northrup – Erich Eichhorn image ( www.allsportmedia.ca )

Sponsors of the event include Peninsula Co-op, Coast Capital and Bayview Place.  A 50/50 draw was made availiable to the fans by Vic West Women’s Soccer.  As well, a silent auction took place during the game. All proceeds from this event go to the Archie Courtnall Centre.

Firefighter and former National Beach Volleyball Champion Mingo Miguel attempts to strip the ball from Ian Baird of Team Canada ( 1984-87 ) – Erich Eichhorn image ( www.allsportmedia.ca )

The crowd was filled with families of the players and was buzzing with excitement. The Honorable Mayor Dean Fortin was present to make the official coin toss.  There was no great play or goal that went uncelebrated by the fans.

Frank MacDonald shields the ball from Geoff Courtnall – Erich Eichhorn image ( www.allsportmedia.ca )


Aaron Charlton attempts to head the ball on net as Tyler Hughes of the Victoria Highlanders defends – Erich Eichhorn image ( www.allsportmedia.ca )