Story and Photos by Ken Keating – ISN

Victoria, BC (ISN) – It was billed as a “Weekend of Mayhem” as Western Speedway hosted two days of Demo action with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers courtesy of Wayne’s Trucking and

Jenny Rhodes, an accomplished singer, got things going both nights as she sang the U.S. and Canadian Anthems along with the many fans that flocked to the Speedway each night. Along with the races each night, Colin Heacock, “The Crazy Canuck” made spectacular car jumps over three buses and a fire truck. Friday he had to contend with a couple of deer that found their way onto the track before he could get a green light. On hitting the ramp, it broke causing Colin to miss his intended target some one hundred and fifty feet down the track. He just grazed the last bus and smashed down on the front stretch and into the front wall. He was unhurt as the car stayed upright. Saturday was almost flawless as Colin came toward the ramp and soared through the air landing in a ball of fire that was quickly extinguished by the fire crew. Colin was unhurt as the car tumbled a couple times before landing on its roof. Colin said when asked: “We wanted to try something new by setting the car on fire as we headed down toward the ramp and I’m very happy with this jump.”


Both nights also featured the first appearance, at Western Speedway, of Rockstar and California Kid two very large and powerful Monster Trucks. Bill Payne, from Bremerton Washington, drives Rockstar a 2004 Chevy Colorado powered with a 540 c.i. engine, and cranks about 1475 h.p. and weighs 12,800 lbs. California Kid is a 1934 Ford Sedan, weighs 11,000 lbs, and has a 482 c.i. engine and driven by B.J. Johnson from Chowchilla California. On Friday, California Kid had the planetary break in the rear axle preventing it from moving. On Saturday, B.J. blew out some shocks and broke some frame ending his night. They then brought out Bucked Up and after completing a few jumps he landed one very hard and tore out the whole drive train and tearing up a bit of the frame. Ed Miller, the driver, said: “That one hit hard and a bit violent.” Everything they done was at full throttle and spared nothing. Weekend of Mayhem for these guys??? You might say that “But its not as bad as it looks” Ed Said.

DSC04658 (2)

Day one: Ken Hallgarth and Ron Benham led a field of nineteen cars to the green flag for forty laps of racing in the Bomber Series. Hallgarth led from the flag and Benham falling into second followed by Troy Tarbuck. On lap twelve, Brenden Moore took over the lead with Tarbuck racing side by side trading that position for several laps. On lap twenty-nine Tarbuck got the outright lead with Moore dropping back to second. On lap thirty-six, Chris Broughton took the second position followed by Andrew Wilson. At the flag, Tarbuck captured the win followed by Broughton, Wilson, Moore, and Morgan Giles rounding out the top five in a great race.


Troy Tarbuck wins Friday’s Bomber Feature event

Mike Dash had the pole for the start of the Figure 8 Feature and held same for two laps when Marie Haywood took the lead for one lap and Ashton Campbell got by for the lead one lap later. Kail Beck took up the challenge running in second after lap four. On lap ten, Beck took the lead as Campbell kept the pressure on him still holding on to the second spot. On lap twenty-four Haywwod moved into the second spot with Cam Wilkinson taking third. On lap twenty-nine Haywood wrestled the lead from Beck and went on to the win in another tough hitting Figure 8 Feature event. Wilkinson hung on for second and Beck finished in third.


Marie Haywood wins Friday’s Figure 8 Feature event

In a combined Demo Truck & Demo Car Feature Danny Madden got out to the early lead followed by Doug Richens and George Newell. This race would feature some hard takeouts that included Richard Milne crashing into the front stretch wall after a hard hit coming out of turn four and needing a tow truck to get him to the pits. He did return very quickly but lost several laps. On lap eleven Doug Richens grabbed the lead and went on for the win with George Newell driving for Smokin Joe Liberatore taking the win in the Demo Cars. Smokin Joe had to have surgery but hoping to be back before the end of the year. He will continue his drive to raise funds for cancer research and will be at the Speedway campaigning as hard as ever.

Day two: Four Demo Trucks lined up but before they could get around they were interrupted by a big Lincoln that somehow got onto the track and stopped across from the flag tower as a driver was assisted out of the car and then the Monster Trucks quickly took care of the Lincoln. I don’t think it could be driven back to Alberta after that encounter and a nice bit of humor added to the show.

Sean Whitley led twenty Bomber cars to the green flag with forty laps of racing to decide a winner. Bruce Knight got the lead early and had a great run going with Brenden Moore, Chris Stone and Tyler Clough right behind him for several laps. On lap twenty-three Moore took the lead followed by Chris Broughton, Mark Lockhart, and Tyler Woods as Knight got shuffled back several positions. When the chequered flag dropped Moore hung on for the win followed by Broughton, Lockhart, Stone, and Aaron Cameron rounding out the top five.


Brenden Moore wins Saturday’s Bomber Feature event

Mike Dash led ten Figure 8s to the green flag and led three laps until Kail Beck took over on lap four. Sometimes this race looked like a total destruction as there were several had hits and cars dropping out or disabled. When the dust settled, Beck had the win followed by Dick Boer and Kyle Rizok who were both laps down. When suggested his car might be done, Beck replied: “No, there is still a couple races left in it. This is a winning machine.”

In the combined Feature for both Demo Trucks and Demo Cars, Jamie Morgan led early with challenges from Shawn Young and George Haywood. This race feature some tough hits and take outs throughout and when the dust settled, Haywood got the win followed by Morgan and Kenny Baker with the trucks and Dakota Hansen winning in the Demo Cars with George Newell hanging in for a second place finish.

The next event at Western Speedway will be the Steve Copp Construction sponsored Wednesday Night Fever Hornet Series scheduled for August 1st and then return August 8th. There is no regular Saturday night racing on August 4th. Ryan Smith will be out to try and keep his very impressive six Feature win streak intact as everyone else will be going all out to try and stop him.