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By Tali Campbell – ISN

Nanaimo (ISN) – Paul Brebber is a household name in the lacrosse world here in Nanaimo, and soon will be in the United States, as Brebber has received a scholarship to play for the Bellarmine University Knights in Kentucky for the next two years, while taking Business Administration.

Brebber who is 6 ft 2, 190lbs, has been a playmaker for the Timbermen since 2009, playing 47 games, getting 46 goals, 21 assists for a total of 67 points prior to being traded in the middle of the 2012 season to the Victoria Shamrocks, where he played 8 games, getting 5 goals, 4 assist with a total of 9 points.

BrebberKnights Head Coach Kevin Burns says, “Paul will add the leadership and ability to play in all situations to this team. He’s tough between the lines, he can do everything on and off the court right and he can play defense and offense if needed.”

The Knights are coming off a bad season statistically speaking, however Coach Burns noted they lost by only one or two goals most of the time.  “This is where Paul’s ability to play lacrosse will come in handy for us. This is a growing team.”

Brebber leaves for Kentucky in the middle of August, however for Lacrosse fans here, Paul will still go into the WLA Draft.