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By Ali Lee, Vikes Communications

The University of Victoria Vikes sent a small team of representatives to compete at the 130th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, hosted in St. Catherine’s Ontario from Aug. 6-11. The Vikes rowing team of 11 women and 1 man, along with Vikes women’s head coach Rick Crawley were victorious in the open water senior lightweight women’s double, as well as the senior lightweight women’s single.

Of the 12 Vikes competing, seven of the group competed in their first-ever Canadian Henley regatta, of which four only started rowing in September 2011. Veterans Trish Mara and Theresa Berkholtz were the first to cross the finish line in the open water lightweight women’s double in a time of 7:42.71, ahead of Buenos Aires RC who finished in 7:55.77. Berkholtz brought home double gold after crushing the field of six in the senior lightweight single in a time of 8:23.50, more than four second ahead of second-placed Montreal (8:27.86).

“Considering this was a relatively inexperienced group, the results were very good,” said Crawley. “The learning and adaptation through out this regatta was excellent.”

A young group of Under-23’s competed in the eight and the same athletes made up the fours and pairs. Bow seat Emily Garry also competed in the Under-23 lightweight women’s single.

Both Garry and Mara qualified for the Under-23 women’s lightweight single and finished third and fourth, respectively.

The Vikes Under-23 eights earned second place (6:35.71) , after they were edged out by Vesper, from Philadelphia, who finished 6:44.86.

The Vikes finished third in the senior eight event after Mendota edged the young crew out of second. The Vikes finished in 6:53.37, while Mendota claimed second in 6:49.55 and Vesper finished first in 6:44.86.

In the 500-m dash eight, the Vikes crew of cox Megan Smith, stroke Rebecca Zimmerman, Zoey Fiettig-Winn, Meaghan Thorkelson, Jillian Legare, Bronwyn Lawrie, Haley Christensen, Marla Catherall and bow Garry, nosed out Vesper in photo-finish fashion.

“The condition were awful in the last 500,” described Crawley after the dash eight event. “The crew was very composed, rowing very cleanly in a mistake-free environment at very high rates to finally beat Vesper.”

The final event for the Vikes was the Under-23 fours, where boat UVic boats qualified for the final races. Vesper took home the gold in 6:57.18, while the UVic boat of Zimmerman, Christensen, Lawrie and Garry finished second in 6:59.08. The second UVic boat of Thorkelson, Legare, Catherall and Fettig-Winn finished third in 7:00.34.


8+ :cox Megan Smith, Stroke Rebecca Zimmerman,7 Zoey Fettig-Winn, 6 Meaghan Thorkelson, 5 Jillian Legare,

4 Bronwyn Lawrie, 3 Haley Christensen, 2 Marla Catherall, bow Emily Garry

senior lightweight 2x stroke Trish Mara, bow Theresa Berkholtz

senior lightweight 1x Theresa Berkholtz

under 23 lightweight 1x Emily Garry, Trish Mara

under 23 pair A stroke Rebecca Zimmerman, bow Zoey Fettig-Winn

B stroke Meaghan Thorkelsen, bow Jillian Legare

C stroke Bronwyn Lawrie, bow Haley Christensen

under 23 four A stroke Rebecca Zimmerman, 3 Haley Christensen, 2 Bronwyn Lawrie, Bow Emily Garry

B stroke Meaghan Thorkelsen, 3 Jillian Legare, 2 Marla Catherall, bow Zoey Fettig-Winn


U23 Light single

1 Buenos Aires RC 8:38.54

2 St. Catherines 8:42.11

3 UVic 8:45.65 (Garry)

4 UVic 8:49.69 (Mara)

5 Newfoundland 8:50.71

6 Bota Fogo Futebol 9:00.62

U23 pair

1 Queens 8:01.55

2 St. Catherines 8:13.24

3 UVic 8:16.22 (Zimmerman/Fettig-Winn)

4 Mendota 8:18.54

5 Detroit 8:29.34

6 Boucherville 8:36.90

Senior Light double

1 UVic 7:42.71 (Mara/Berkholtz)

2 Buenos Aires 7:55.77

3 UBC 7:56.69

4 Fedemex 7:57.16

5 Ottawa 8:07.82

6 Mendota DNF

Senior eight

1 Vesper 6:44.86

2 Mendota 6:49.55

3 UVic 6:53.37

4 Riverside 6:57.31

5 St. Catherines 7:12.04

6 Penn AC 7:15.16

U23 eight

1 Vesper 6:34.75

2 UVic 6:35.71

3 Mendota 6:45.86

4 Pelham 6:47.73

5 Penn AC 7:06.59

6 Thompson 7:13.84

Senior light single

1 UVic 8:23.50 (Berkholtz)

2 Montreal 8:27.86

3 UBC 8:33.94

4 Buenos Aires 8:39.31

5 Fedemex 8:40.70

6 Ottawa 8:49.93

Dash eight (500m)

1 UVic 1:25.94 (Smith/Zimmerman/Fettig-Winn/Thorkelsen/Legare/Lawrie /Christensen/Catherall/Garry)

2 Vesper 1:26.41

3 Saratoga 1:29.50

4 Community 1:30.19

5 Thompson 1:31.93

6 Thompson 1:36.70

U23 four

1 Vesper 6:57.18

2 UVic 6:59.08 (Zimmerman/Christensen/Lawrie/Garry)

3 UVic 7:00.34 (Thorkelsen/Legare/Catherall/Fettig-Winn)

4 Mendota 7:03.50

5 Vesper 7:15.66

6 St. Catherines 7:17.56

Senior mens light single

1 Western 7:04.54

2 Riverside 7:06.62

3 Ottawa 7:10.26

4 Undine 7:15.95

5 UVic 7:18.90 (Saul Garcia-alum)

6 Craftsbury 7:25.92