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Victoria (ISN) – The Victoria Junior Shamrocks have announced today that Head Coach Larry Smeltzer is stepping down from his position as head coach with the team and that Nirmal Dillon will take on this role in 2013.

When Larry Smeltzer agreed to be Head Coach of the Junior Shamrocks last year he told the Shamrocks that it would be for one year and he would re-evaluate things after that.

Larry originally came on board to work with the goaltenders with a mandate to re-integrate the goalie back into the game as part of the defence and the offense, as he has observed that it has become a lost art. With the success shown this past year, he would like to concentrate full time on this aspect of the game with both the Junior and Intermediate Shamrocks, with emphasis on the Junior Program.

With this in mind Larry has decided to step down as Head Coach and has suggested that his Assistant Head Coach, Nirmal Dillon, be his replacement.  Junior Shamrock GM and Governor Rod Wood agreed with this and today announced the appointment of Nirmal Dillon to the Head Coach position of the Victoria Junior Shamrocks effective immediately.

“Nirmal was the last coach to win the Minto Cup in Victoria and I am confident that a team lead by Nirmal can bring it back again,” noted Wood.  “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Larry for all his hard work in the past year as Head Coach and look forward to having him, full time, working in his new role.”