Victoria, BC – Sept 6, 2012 (ISN) – The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) is adding some exciting new programs to its fall community calendar which runs from September – December 2012. PISE is also offering the public the opportunity to try sample classes for free.

These free sample classes will be offered from September 6 – 14 and will include programs such as bootcamp, bootcamp advanced, Erg Spinning, spin, and TRX™, Raise the bar and PISE H.I.I.T

PISE offers a wide range of training programs for adults and will be introducing some new high intensity and strength conditioning classes. PISE H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) is an innovative program that incorporates periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Based on the Tabata™ principle, the workout boosts metabolism and improves fat burning.

For those looking to improve their barbell lifting, PISE Beginner Lifting will teach proper technique through a wide range of functional movements. Strength and Conditioning 55+ will teach the proper techniques and training modalities required to maximize the health benefits associated with resistance training and aerobic conditioning.

Two new adapted programs are also starting this fall. Wheelchair Basketball will introduce the participant to chair skills, shooting techniques and on-court strategies. Adapted Strength and Conditioning, designed for those with mobility limitations, will focus on mobility, functionality and stability.

PISE’s Sport Education program will also be expanded to include four new First Aid Courses – CRP/AED, CPR C/Standard First Aid Recertification, Standard First Aid and CPR, and Occupational First Aid (OFA) – Level 1.

PISE continues to deliver Physical Literacy programs for kids and youths at its training facility, but new this fall are programs in the community. PISE had partnered with Saanich Recreation and Victoria West Community Centre to teach fundamental movement skills, with the objective to build healthy, active children.

For more information on all fall programs, and to download the fall program guide, go to: www.piseworld.com. Register for fall programs online or by calling 250-220-2510.