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Story and Photos by Erich Eichhorn (ISN)

September 30, 2012, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The Spartans midget football team would go head to head with the travelling Chilliwack Giants Sunday afternoon in Vancouver Mainland Football League action at Westhills Stadium in Langford. The Spartans would come away with a convincing 28-0 win in front of the sparse, yet appreciative home team fans.

After a mediocre 13-7 win last weekend against the 2-1 Cowichan Bulldogs in Duncan, the Spartans looked to get off on the right foot offensively against the Giants. Spartans QB Lowell McDonald, only able to put a single touchdown on the scoreboard last weekend, would redeem himself quickly in the first quarter, orchestrating his team downfield to set up his teammate #24 Derek Morgan’s first touchdown of the game.

Spartans Derek Morgan would keep the Chilliwack defense busy with open field runs Sunday at Westhills Stadium – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Both teams defensive units would heat up in the second, trading field position. The big defensive line of the Spartans would break the Giants down, allowing Spartans #21 Mitch Ottosen through for the sack on Giants QB Klay Larocque and a big loss of yards for the visiting team.

#9 Calvin Johnson throws a punishing hit on Giants Deion Bain during VFML action Sunday at Westhills Stadium – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Derek Morgan would set up his team on the Giants 10 yard line after a forty-yard scamper down the sidelines only to be knocked out of bounds just shy of his second touchdown of the game. On the ensuing play, Spartans QB McDonald would have to have to prove twice he could run to the house when his first successful attempt would be called back when offsetting player ejections by Spartans Theo Sanchez and Giants Matt McConnell would erase the Spartans touchdown. McDonald would keep the ball for a second time to rush for the Spartans second major of the game. The half would end with the Giants conceding a safety on 3rd down and 31 yards to go after Spartans Elliot Dagg would sack the Giants QB on their own 5-yard line. The Spartans would finish the half in control 16-0.

Spartans QB Lowell McDonald would steer his team to a 28-0 win against the Chilliwack Giants Sunday afternoon – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

The Giants would come out in the second half tackling and hitting with more intent, hoping to gain important field position and swing the momentum in their direction. The Giants would be gifted a opportunity to score when the Spartans would be assessed both a clipping penalty, and have a pass picked off in the Spartans end of the field. Spartans Colin Proskow, “Johnny on the spot”, would record one of his two picks on the afternoon when he would deflate the Giants offence threat with an interception in the end zone and run it out to keep the Giants off the board. With the Proskow interception, it would appear that the Giants defence would begin to fall apart as they would be assessed back to back major penalties, bringing the Spartans into Giants territory. After a fumble recovery on the Giants 35 yard line, Spartans Jordan Rodinsky would take a McDonald pass into the house for a 24-0 lead at the end of the third quarter.

#17 Colin Proskow would have 2 interceptions against the Gaints, as he tries to make it his third here against Deion Bain – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

The Spartans, stoking their defensive fire, would continue to stymie the Giants, wearing them down, and holding them off the board in the final quarter. The Spartans would add four more points in the fourth quarter for a final 28-0 win, and post 4-1 record. When asked of their teams overall success on the afternoon compared to last weeks, Bulldogs game Coach Shortt would say, “The Giants are a different monster. Their linebackers aren’t as good as Cowichan’s. We opened them up with pass…. with all the slip screens…, let the athletes do what they do to spread out the defense , then we could run the ball inside. It was still tough running for us though.”

#12 Jordan Rodinsky would break this tackle, and a few more to gain important yardage for the Spartans. Rodinsky would finish with a touchdown a few plays later – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

When asked about gunning for the first place Titans, Shortt would cautiously add, “we want to make the playoffs and see where we go from there”. If today’s performance was any indication, the Spartans would appear to be on their way. Great Game Spartans!!

Midget Spartans next game: Oct. 8 th @ Meadow Ridge