Women in Sport


By Glenn Ivens

October 4, 2012, Victoria, BC (ISN) – I cover a lot of Women’s sports, from gymnastics, to soccer, to hockey and rugby, and it amazes me the amount of times I hear people, usually men, say they don’t understand why women play contact sports. They say it isn’t right or it’s not normal. Well last time I checked this was 2012 and I say to the ladies “Go For It.”

I challenge these detractors to go into the corner with Hayley Wickenheiser, or three rounds with Sarah Kaufman, to try catching Barbra Mervin as she sprints for the try line, or preventing Christine Sinclair from scoring a goal.

I covered the Velox Valkyries Women’s Rugby team last season and they went a perfect 21-0. That is no small feat. These women were dedicated and determined and put in a lot of time, both as a team and on their own, to learn the game and train to be the best athletes they could be.

I also had an opportunity to cover the finals of the Girls Canadian Box Lacrosse Championships over the summer and came away from that pleasantly surprised at how good these girls were, again due to the fact that they were dedicated to their sport and loved playing it.

These women are tremendous athletes and in my opinion deserve more credit than they receive. They are not abnormal, they are not strange, what they are, are people with a love for the game, no matter what game that may be. These women aren’t out there to prove any point; they just want to play the game.

The true measure of an athlete is hard work, dedication and passion for the sport.  The ladies I have covered over the last few years have all that and then some. They are not great female athletes – they are great athletes period.

The next time you get an opportunity to watch women’s sports I say check it out. I think you may be pleasantly surprised.