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from BCHL Media

October 11, 2012, Langley – Austin Azurdia’s last-second, highlight-reel goal to give the Langley Rivermen a 4-3 home win on Thanksgiving Sunday has taken on a life of it’s own in social media and has also been featured prominently on TV and major sports websites.


If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, here are some of the places it’s been featured – click any of the following links:
Vernon Vipers alum Justin Bourne, now a blogger for The Score television network’s website, breaks the play down here and even creates a new nickname – ABSURDIA


As for the guy that scored it, Austin Azurdia, all the attention on Twitter has kept him busy this week. His account has grown to over 400 followers in the few days since the goal. Of the goal itself, he says he was fortunate their was just enough time left on the clock.

“You could see on the video, I kind of looked up at the clock and I just knew there was under 10 seconds left,” he said. “I had no idea there was 0.3 seconds left (when I score); I got kind of lucky.”

Yes, but it was a pretty high-skill maneuver too and one that he’d pulled off before.

“In midget hockey I did it but never in junior though,” said the 19-year-old. “I’d been going wide all game so I figured why not try something (different); it ended up working out.”

That’s for sure. For a kid from Wenatchee, Washington to see himself on ESPN or Sports Illustrated’s website, it’s a pretty big thrill.

“When I heard TSN was showing it, I thought, ‘That’s nuts!’ but it’s good for the team and good for the organization. I’m just thinking, ‘Wow’ now that it’s on Yahoo and Sports Illustrated. I’ve been pretty surprised by it.”