By ARC Communications, With Photos From Erich Eichhorn (ISN)

October 12, 2012, Victoria, BC – A wet and misty day in Westhills Stadium was the setting for 1800 fans at the match between Argentina and USA on Friday, as the Argentines cruised to an easy 39-3 win.

Here is a blow by blow summary from the game.

A deep kick-off by the United States to the Argentines resulted in a knock on to start the game.

13th min. A USA lineout is thrown in and is played to the centre of the pitch. A penalty results and is kicked for posts by Americas #10 Gearoid McDonald from just inside the Argentines half. The long boot misses just right.

USA ( in black ) would go head to head with IRB’s #8 seed Argentina Friday night in IRB Rugby action in Langford – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

16th min. A penalty rewarded to the Argentines, 35m out on the right side of the pitch in the American territory is converted by #10 Santiago Iglesias resulting in the first points of the game.

18th min. A superb thrust by American #1 Nicholas Wallace gains the US territory but a forward pass gains Argentina the advantage. A kick past the US 22m line is run back due to lack of support and is held in and penalized. The Argentines go for the posts just outside the 22 and is slotted by Argentina’s #10 and the score rises 6-0.

Argentina would demonstrate their superior ball passing skills against USA Friday night in front of 1765 fans at Westhills Stadium – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

21st min. Penalty kick awarded to the Americans, and is missed by #10 from 40m out.

33rd min. #13 Dean Gericke breaks up the wing for the Americans after a quick penalty. He attempts a cheeky grubber but adds a little too much power to it and is returned.

Argentina’s Captain Tomas Cubelli would fuel the explosive Argentinian line. USA would have troubles keeping pace – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

37th min. An Argentina line out on the USA 22 is played in, where #9 Captain Tomas Cubelli finds space in the US backline. He passes to the open #12 Javier Rojas who gets over for the first try of the game. The try is easily converted raising the score to 13-0.

39th min. From the following kick off the Pumas are penalized for holding the ball in a ruck. The American fly-half once again tries to slot it through the posts and misses ever so slightly to right side.

40th min. An American scrum is won by Argentina and finding ample room on the blindside Captain Tomas Cubelli #9 darts and finds space. A quick toss to his fly-half results in another try which he converts from the sideline, the score rises to 20-0 and the half-time whistle is blown.

Second Half

47th min. Tempers flare just outside the Argentinian 22 and a penalty is rewarded to the US. Attempting to go for the posts is #11 Zachary Panelinan, who places the American side on the scoreboard with their first point’s game. 20-3.

USA fly-half Gearoid McDonald attempts to run away from Argentina player Friday during game one of the IRB America Rugby Championships at Westhills Stadium – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

50th min. A missed US pass within their 22 gives the opposing #8 Benjamin Macome a run towards the tryzone; but a long grubber kick goes out the end and the US is bailed out with a 22m kick.

56th min. A grubber by American #10 Gearoid McDonald is picked up by Pumas sub #22 Valetin Cruz and is swiftly run down three quarters of the pitch with the American fly half close behind but to no avail as the try is scored. The conversion is missed and Argentina rises to 25-3.

69th min. An Argentina lineout is won and seeing the surplus numbers on the far side of the pitch, the ball is swung wide for another try by #23 Moyano Ramiro and converted by #22 Valetin Cruz. 32-3 Argentina.

USA would have a hard time trying to stop the speedy Argentina side. Argentina would give a dominate performance – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

73rd min. A penalty ceded by the Argentina gives the Americans a quick tap and a valiant charge up the middle of the pitch to within 5m of a try but the Argentinian defense proves to much and a scrum is called when the ball is knocked on by the US.

Injury time. A great thrust up the side of the pitch by Argentina is stopped by a desperate tackle; as the ball finds its way out of bounds. A quick throw in by the Americans is proven too hasty as #23 Moyano Ramiro catches the ball and is run under the posts to exemplify the Argentines win with a point blank convert raising the score to a 39-3 win over the American side.