December 1, 2012, OTTAWA (CIS) –  Canadian university presidents, principals and rectors gathered at the University of Toronto on Saturday November 24 for a full day of discussion around the role that interuniversity sports plays at their institutions and the challenges currently facing Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS).

The discussions were stimulated by proposals from the Canada West conference to take action to address the number of Canadian students competing in US intercollegiate sport rather than in Canada and to enhance excellence in interuniversity sport.

Each of the four CIS regions (Canada West, OUA, RSEQ, AUS) was represented by three university chief executive officers, the largest such gathering to be dedicated to the subject.

Topics of discussion included the place of competitive university sports relative to the core mission of universities, comparisons between student-athlete experiences in CIS and American universities, athletic financial awards, extension of the number of years during which students could participate as CIS athletes, and other proposals to promote the attractiveness for high performance athletes to remain in Canada in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.