Story and Photos by Carl Constantine (ISN)

December 6, 2012, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The Victoria Cougars opened this week’s home-and-home series with the Kerry Park Islanders Thursday and came away with a decisive 10 – 0 shutout victory.

The game was fueled with tension and many fights and penalties, which at one point in the 3rd period, provided Kerry Park with a 5-on-3 advantage, but overall favoured the Cougars, who finished 6 for 13 on the powerplay.

The game got off to a quick start with both teams playing hard. However, the first goal of the game went to the Cougars at 9:01 in the first period. The goal was scored by Jordon Davie (#22) with an assist by Jake Daughtry (#23).

The Cougars continued the onslaught with two more first period goals at 16:05 and 19:43.

Game play during the second period was just as fast and furious as the first. Victoria Cougar Matthew Ho (#8) scored the 4th goal of that game at 9:37 with assists by Jamie Severs (#18) and Nathan Chen-Mack (#17).

Victoria Cougar Matthew Ho (#8) continues the Cougar lead scoring the first goal of the 2nd period (Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News)

However, a fight just after the 10 minute mark sparked a flurry of penalties and disappointment from some Kerry Park fans.

Kerry Park’s Desmond Bast fights Victoria’s Jordon Davie in penalty filled 2nd period 

(Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News)


A grand total of 33 penalties, 18 of which were in the second period alone, frustrated at least one Kerry Park parent. “I feel whenever we play at Victoria’s arena, the referees are biased towards the Cougars as they are the league leaders.”  She went on to say, “My older son actually used to play for the Cougars up to two years ago and I felt they were a good team at the time.”

The Kerry Park Islanders penalty box was overflowing Thursday and the Cougars feasted, scoring six powerplay goals in their 10-0 win (Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News)

Cougar fans, Chuck Loeper and Steve Orwick disagree. “The ref is keeping control and on top of things very quickly,” says Loeper. Orwick chimes in, “some of the penalties appear to be cheap shots by a frustrated Kerry Park team.”

Penalties throughout the period provided the Cougars with four additional power play goals, leaving the Cougars with an 8-0 lead at the end of the second.

The fights and penalties didn’t stop fans cheering for their team. The Cougar’s biggest fan, Harvey Erman, brings a hand held drum which he beats to cheer on his team. “I’m the team mascot,” says Erman, “I even have a tattoo of the team logo. Only a hard core fan would do that.”

Victoria Cougar’s biggest fan, Harvey Erman, supports his team with cheers and his trademark drum 

(Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News)


The Cougars showed some sportsmanship and respect for Kerry Park after taking a large lead in the second period by not giving teammates and goalie, Evan Roch, high-fives and congratulations after scoring goals.

The lead didn’t stop the Cougars from playing hard though. They continued their attack on visiting Kerry Park with relentlessness, gaining an early power play goal at 4:54 of the third period by Jamie Servers (#18) with assists by Matthew Ho (#8) and Brandon Workun (#21).

The final goal of the game was scored by Graham Zagrodney (#24) with assists from Jesse Nixon (#15) and Jamie Servers (#18) leaving the Cougars with a 10 – 0 win at home.

Kerry Park’s Kyle Peterson and Victoria’s Mark Walton battle for control of the puck (Photo: Carl Constantine / Island Sports News)

Total Shots on goal 18 for Kerry Park and 56 for Victoria.

Next game is Saturday, December 8th at Kerry Park’s arena, where it promises to be another entertaining match.