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Story and Photos by Ken Keating

December 10, 2012, Langford BC. (ISN) – Daen Barry and Howie Mace led a field of nineteen cars to the green flag in the second race for 2012 in the Steve Copp Construction sponsored winter Hornet Enduro series on Sunday afternoon.

A light but steady rain coated the track pretty well the whole afternoon but that didn’t stop this hardy bunch of drivers from weaving their way through the chicanes and the occassional bath in some of the bigger puddles on the track. Mace got out to the early lead with Barry holding the second spot followed by Sam Lagan, Phil Lagan, and Darren Yates taking up the challenge after just five laps.

DSC07629 (2)
Daen Barry and Howie Mace lead Hornet to green flag racing

On lap fourteen, Phil made the pass for the lead dropping Mace back to second as Yates took over the third spot. Sam Lagan and Daen Barry stayed in contention running fourth and fifth respectively. Once in the lead, Phil made the march around the track stretching the lead and passing cars at will.

DSC07633 (2)
Darren Yates Also Gets a shower as he passes two comptetitors

On lap forty-three, Barry took over the fourth spot for five laps until Sam regained the position. Behind them Brenda Leslie had moved up into the sixth position. On lap sixty-seven Yates entered the pits handing the third spot to Sam with Barry and Leslie also moving up a position. Up front Flying Phil was cruising on the wet surface still with a commanding lead.

DSC07641 (2)
Tanner Jacobs and Daryn Cahill run tight

The cars were brought to a stop half way through for driver change if required but when the field returned to green flag racing Phil took off and went back to the point.

Flying Phil Lagan on his way to dominate win

Over the remainder of the race, Phil continued the assault on the field and after one-hundred and ten laps took the chequered flag and the only car on the lead lap. He was followed by Mace, Sam Lagan, Daen Barry, and Brenda Leslie rounding out the top five positions. Rockell Kroppmanns was on hand at Victory Square to present trophies to the top three drivers.

The next race in this series is scheduled for January 27th 2013.

DSC07642 (2)
Phil Lagan wins winter Hornet Enduro

DSC07643 (2)
Howie Mace places 2nd in winter Enduro

Sam Lagan places 3rd in winter Enduro