December 13, 2012, (ISN) – Looking to make a difference this holiday season? Instead of battling crowds at the mall, make a donation in your loved one’s name – give the gift of sport! And feel good about your spending this season.

A donation to the Canadian Paralympic Committee’s “Pass The Torch” fundraising campaign will help support Canada’s next generation of athletes with a disability. All donations are tax-deductible.

Every child deserves the chance to play sports, however it can be expensive for kids with a disability to get started – and that’s something we can all help change!

Funds raised will help provide these young people with the proper equipment to pursue an athletic career. 


  • A pair of hockey skates can cost $200, but a sled for sledge hockey costs $550.
  • Good running shoes might set parents back $100, but a quality sports wheelchair to race or play basketball in is worth $3,000.
  • Getting involved in able-bodied skiing costs around $800, but buying a sit ski can cost over $3,200.
  • By contributing to Pass the Torch, Canadians can play a big part in providing kids with a disability with the opportunity to take part in sports.

    Help families connect their kids to parasport. Please visit to donate. 

    On behalf of Team Canada – Thank You!