CEO and General Director of the Paralympic Committee Steps Down


January 7, 2013 OTTAWA – The Board of Directors of the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) announced today that Henry Storgaard would be stepping down as CEO and Director General of the organization as of January 18, 2013.

“The Canadian Paralympic Committee thanks Henry Storgaard for his accomplishments as CEO and Director General since 2009,” said David Legg, President of the CPC.

“Henry has led the organization towards great heights and the Paralympic community is very grateful for it. His leadership, passion and resilience in guiding CPC through the past Paralympic quadrennial has positioned it well for the future,” added Legg.

“I have enjoyed being part of a growing organization filled with passionate and inspiring individuals,” said Storgaard, a strong advocate for persons with disabilities and their full inclusion in sport as well as the community at large. “I personally look forward to new opportunities and challenges within sport, but Paralympic athletes will always have a special place in my heart.”

In 2009, the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) hired Henry Storgaard as CEO and Director General of the organization. Storgaard’s hiring was the catalyst to great change and growth for the CPC. He helped lead the Board of Directors and Management team in the development of a new bold Vision/Mission and a five-year strategic plan along with its implementation.

This new direction steered the CPC to be a first class, professional organization led by strong values in such a short period of time. Some of the key results over the past 4 years are moving from a $1 million deficit to an annual budget of $9.4 million and a $1.3 million reserve fund; inclusive in this was securing a legacy of $25 million over five years; and building a stronger Paralympic brand through creative media strategies.

The CPC’s focus going forward will be to build on the momentum the organization has gained and continue to aim at being the World’s leading Paralympic organization.

A search for a new CEO will commence at the end of January and will aim to have the successful candidate in place by early April 2013.

In the interim, David Legg, President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee, will oversee the leadership of CPC operations and work closely with the management team to ensure a smooth transition.