Olympic and Paralympic Athletes, Coaches and Builders to Receive Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

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January 25, 2013, TORONTO, ON (ISN) – The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees are proud to announce that London 2012 athletes will be receiving the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Ottawa and Vancouver on Friday, January 25, 2013.

In addition, the CPC will be presenting additional Diamond Jubilee medals to individuals who have helped grow the Paralympic movement in Canada. Media are invited to attend for photo and interview availabilities.


WHO: Hon. Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport)

Charmaine Crooks, Olympian, Board Member, Canadian Olympic Committee

Josh Vander Vies, Paralympian, On behalf of Canadian Paralympic Committee

London 2012 Olympians

Brent Hayden, Bronze Medallist, Swimming

Dorothy Ludwig, Shooting

Michael Mason, Athletics

Riley McCormick, Diving

Tobias Ng, Badminton

Catharine Pendrel, Cycling

Jessica Smith, Athletics

Michael Wilkinson, Rowing

London 2012 Paralympians

Kevin Evans, Archery

Nathan Dewitt, Athletics

Braedon Dolfo, Athletics

Dustin Walsh, Athletics

Dylan Williamson, Athletics Guide

Josh Vander Vies, Boccia, 2012 Bronze medallist

Doug Ripley, Goalball

Meghan Montgomery, Rowing

Joan Reid, Rowing

Tony Theriault, Rowing

Stacie Louttit, Sailing, 2008 Bronze medallist

John McRoberts, Sailing, 2008 Bronze medallist

Doug Blessin, Shooting

Christos Trifonidis, Shooting

Scott Patterson, Swimming, 2002 Bronze medallist (alpine skiing)

Nathan Stein, Swimming, 2012 Silver medallist

Janet McLachlan, Wheelchair Basketball

Jessica Vliegenthart, Wheelchair Basketball

Ian Chan, Wheelchair Rugby, 2012 Silver medallist, 2008 Bronze medallist, 2004 Silver medallist

Trevor Hirschfield, Wheelchair Rugby, 2012 Silver medallist, 2008 Bronze medallist

Travis Murao, Wheelchair Rugby, 2012 Silver medallist

Canadian Paralympic Committee Recipients

Josh Dueck, Athlete, Para-Alpine Skiing, 2010 Silver Medallist

Michael Edgson, Athlete, Swimming/Builder/Coach, 1992 Gold (five-time) and Silver medallist, 1998 Gold medallist (eight-time); 1984 Gold (four-time) and Silver medallist

Jennifer Krempien, Athlete, Wheelchair Basketball, 2004 Bronze medallist; 2000/1996/1992 Gold medallist

Lilo Ljubisic, Athlete, Athletics, 1996 Bronze medallist (two-time), 1992 Gold and Silver medallist, 1988 Bronze medallist

Tyler Mosher, Athlete, Para-Nordic

Patrick Harris, Builder

Laurel Crosby, Builder

John Cumberbirch, Builder

Jane James, Builder

Terrie Moore, Builder

Isabel Reinertson, Builder

Elisabeth Walker-Young, Builder/Athlete, Swimming, 2004 Bronze medallist, 2000 Gold medalist (three-time), 1996 Bronze medallist

Annie Johnston, Builder

Tim Frick, Coach

Reg Shaw, Coach

Herb Torrance, Coach

Janet Dunn, Coach/Builder

WHEN: January 25, 2013

1:00 PM PST

WHERE: BC Sports Hall of Fame

GATE A, BC Place

Corner of Robson and Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC