Darren Yates Dominates Winter Enduro

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Story and Photos By Ken Keating

January 30, 2013, Lanford, BC – On a cloudy but decent Sunday afternoon, nineteen cars lined up for the first Enduro race of 2013.

Alex Atkinson had the pole with Daen Barry on the outside as the field took the green flag for two hours or two hundred laps of racing in the Steve Copp Construction sponsored Hornet Car winter series with Darren Yates, last season’s Champion taking the lead on lap two from the fourth starting position. He was followed first by Atkinson, and then Brad Aumen, and Phil Lagan by lap seven with these drivers battling early for positions.

Darren Yates lead Hornet cars through  chicanes – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)

The second yellow flag came out on lap thirty-one as the #19 car driven by Ashley Creed came to a stop on the front stretch. On the restart, Yates took off followed by Lagan, Aumen, and Davin Otke occupying the top four positions. The yellow came back out after just one lap as another competitor had to be pushed into the pits.

Darren Yates #91 goes outside Brad  Aumen #98 – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)

On this restart, Yates got away again and shortly after the green flag start, Lagan entered the pits ending his afternoon and giving the second position to Otke followed by Aumen and Brenda Leslie.

Darren Yates (Green Car) goes to the  outside early – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)

On lap forty-four Aumen pulled into the pits giving the third position to Leslie followed by Jamie Rand and Tristan Gait. Over the next several laps Yates continued to run all over the competition lapping car after car, Otke, Leslie, Rand, and Gait held their running order until the field stopped on lap seventy-two for the halfway mark.

Darren Yates #91 races with Davin Otke  #17 – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)

On the restart, Yates got away again with Otke, Leslie, Rand, and Gaits running again in that order. On lap one hundred and twenty-four, Rand passed Leslie for the third position. On this day, no one had anything for Yates as he cruised to the win after one hundred and fifty-five laps.

Darren Yates wins Winter Hornet  Enduro – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)

The closest car to him was Davin Otke four laps down followed by Jamie Rand finishing in third followed by Leslie and Gaits. Winter Sprowl presented the trophies to the top three drivers at Victory Square. The next race in this Series is scheduled for February 17th with the final event scheduled for March 17th.

Davin Otke places 2nd in Winter  Enduro – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)

Jamie Rand places 3rd in Winter  Enduro – Photo by Ken Keatin (Illusion photography)