BC’s newest curling championship starts

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January 31, 2013, (ISN) –  The inaugural BC Mixed Doubles Championship will be launched at the North Shore Winter Club in North Vancouver Friday.

It is Curl BC’s newest championship event and was launched in response to the Canadian Curling Association’s decision to hold a national Mixed Doubles trials to determine a national champion in the discipline.

Mixed Doubles curling is an increasingly popular version of the game and it is likely to become an Olympic event as early as 2018.

Teams are made up of one male and one female curler and the game is played over eight ends (instead of the usual 10).

Each team has only six stones and one of those stones from each team is prepositioned on the centre line before every end of play. One player delivers the first and last stones of the end while the other player throws the second, third and fourth stones. If they choose to, the two players may swap positions from one end to the next. Both team members are also allowed to sweep.

The 2013 BC Mixed Doubles Championship, which takes place at the North Shore Winter Club from February 1-3, is open to the public and there will be no charge to watch the games.

Curling Director at the club, Liz Goldenberg, said she was looking forward to the event and wanted as many spectators there as possible.

“This is a new spin on an old game. It’s fast-paced and fun to watch, there’s very little standing around,” said Liz.

Sixteen teams have entered the championship and they will be divided into 4 pools for the event.

The winner will go to the Canadian Mixed Doubles Trials in Leduc, Alberta.

Although spectators won’t be charged an entry fee, a donation box will be available for anyone who can donate to the North Shore Winter Club’s junior curling program.

The first draw will take place on Friday, February 1, at 7:30pm, and there will be two draws on Saturday, at 12noon and 4pm. The top two teams in each pool will advance to the quarter finals which will be played at 8pm if no tiebreakers are required or 9pm if tiebreakers are needed.

The semi-finals will take place on Sunday at 10am and the final will take place at 1pm.

The North Shore Winter Club is at 1325 E Keith Road in North Vancouver.

You can follow the action on www.playdowns.com

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