Lambrick Park Lions Dominate SMU

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Story by Trish Fougner – Photos by Carl Constantine (ISN)

February 7, 2013, Victoria BC (ISN) – A highly contested match took place at St. Michaels University (SMU) Gym Wednesday night between the #2 and #3 B.C. ranked high school boys AA basketball teams.

SMU played host to the Lambrick Park Lions with both teams having impressive seasons to date and both undefeated in season play.

COVER - Flying Flowl
Flying Fowl by SMU Hoop results in 4 shot free throw, Lambrick Park #8 made 3 of the 4 shots – Photo by Carl Constantine (ISN) 

With the start of the game, St. Michaels had Lambrick Park on edge as SMU took control early, resulting in a 16-8 lead at the end of the first quarter. It was St. Michael’s strong defence on the floor that prevented the Lions from penetrating their zone.

Lambrick  23 dribbles around SMU _13 with finesse
Lambrick #23 dribbles around SMU #13 with finesse – Photo by Carl Constantine (ISN)

SMU continued with a strong defence into the second quarter, making it difficult for the Lions to find the net. Lambrick had a wakeup call and began to claw their way back, finding the 3 pointers just before the half with Alex Chen, Chris Fougner and Brendan Somers. The buzzer concluded with a score of 30-27 in favor of Lambrick Park.

Lambrick  23 Makes shot despite SMU intervention
Lambrick #23 Makes shot despite SMU intervention – Photo by Carl Constantine (ISN)

The Lions came back with a vengeance in the second half, almost eliminating any opportunity for SMU to engage in a scoring opportunity. Towards the end of the third quarter it looked like SMU was gaining momentum with several 3-point shots from Mark Yorath.

Pair O Sixs - Lambrick  6 attempts to get by SMU _6
Pair O Six’s – Lambrick #6 attempts to get by SMU #6 – Photo by Carl Constantine (ISN)

Lambrick showed off their strong offence, completing set plays and driving to the basket with Matt Neufeld and Chris Fougner completing several scoring opportunities. With the third quarter coming to an end, Lambrick Park found they were in a commanding lead with a score of 49-36.

SMU Player wards off Lambrick
SMU Player wards off LambrickPhoto by Carl Constantine (ISN)

The final quarter continued with SMU trying to find the key to Lambrick’s offense which led to a couple of technical fouls. Georgios Ikonomou from St. Michaels was ejected from the game for what was perceived to have been an intentional foul in a breakaway shot by Lambrick’s Brendan Somers.

SMU  6 Rushes to hoop with Lambricks _23 in hot persuit
SMU #6 Rushes to hoop with Lambrick’s #23 in hot persuit – Photo by Carl Constantine (ISN)

The ensuing chaos resulted in 3 extra points out of a possible 4 for Somers, stretching the Lions lead by 10 with just over 4 minutes left in the game. SMU continued strong with Matt Rud and Yorath scoring several shots to bring the team within 7 points in the final quarter.

SMU  7 Plans out approach to the hoop
SMU #7 Plans out approach to the hoop – Photo by Carl Constantine (ISN)

With just 3 minutes left in the game, Lambrick took control by slowing the game down and preventing SMU from finding any scoring opportunities. The game came to a close giving Lambrick Park the win with a final score of 68-57.

League play continues next week with Island Championships taking place later this month.

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