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February 6, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – This Saturday, the Academy will travel to Comox for an exhibition game, the Valhallians and the 3rds will have the weekend off.


Women’s schedules have been released, with Velox joining 6 other squads in the Premier division starting on February 23rd. The other squads are Burnaby, United, Bayside, Caps, SFU, and UVic. Velox is also entering a squad into Division 2. Both squads head to Burnaby on the 23rd for a double header.

Weekend Results

Valhallians: Velox 30 – JBAA 15

Academy: Velox 17 – JBAA 36 (exhibition)

3rds: Velox 17 – CW 10

Message From Mike Holmes

Dear All,

As you may know some time ago Steve Neish, Bob McCliggot, Barry Wheelhouse and I set in motion a fund within the Canadian Rugby Foundation for the purpose of establishing an endowment, the interest of which would support the club in perpetuity. Over time with interest and various contributions the fund has grown to over $12,000.

The CRF is an independent organization with a elected board of directors. The members of the Foundation are those who have contributed at least $25000 and are the only ones entitled to elect directors. Mark Wyatt and I are both directors. Rugby Canada also elects two directors and to this degree the two organizations are related.

All funds within the CRF earn a return of 3.5 percent to the organization and in addition funds contributed are matched by funds from the general fund of the Foundation 1 dollar to every 4.

Rod Parker and I would like to promote our existing fund and build it to a $100,000 as an initial goal.

Castaways Wanderers have been very successful in building a fund and we would like to emulate their success. We are proposing a “Velox Valhallian Premier Supporter Team”. If the club can find 20 individuals to contribute $25 a month each to the Foundation then Rod and I will match that amount. This will amount to $1,000.00 a month and over the course of the year with the match from the Foundation will equal $14,400. If we can do this for 4 years we will get to $100,000. Possible uses for this fund would be to fund a couple of players a year to play for the club or guarantee that we have a paid coach. Over time it would be our goal to increase this fund to a $1,000,000 with the funds to come from UVIC. This would make us the wealthiest club in Canada and in our view with proper management guarantee that we will be the best club in North America.

Rod and I would like to help build a lasting legacy for the club that will help ensure a foundation of strength that will withstand times of trouble. We believe that endowment funding will help achieve that objective.

I am hoping that you can circulate this email and promote the concept and see if we can meet this objective of 20 donors.

I know well that many of the people donating are already donating so much time, energy and money and I hope they understand like me that we must think about the long term future of the club as well as it’s immediate needs.

Here are the instructions on how to donate:

If you would like to support Velox by making a monetary donation please click DONATE NOW! on the Canadian Rugby Foundation website ( Be sure to select “Velox Valhallians Rugby Football Club” in the drop down fund menu so donation will be assigned accordingly.Tax receipts will be delivered by email immediately and can also be downloaded and printed after donation is made.

Cheque donations can be mailed to:

PO Box 8003

Victoria, BC

V8W 3R7

Thank you for investing the in future of rugby!

Mike Holmes, Chair

Canadian Rugby Foundation