Cadet Provincial Biathlon A Great Success

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Story by Kelly Miller-Gerlach, Editor (ISN) Photos by Michael Seemann (ISN)

February 8, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Mount Washington showed its hospitality to over 70 Cadets in a Provincial Biathlon that took place last weekend.

Cadets from across British Columbia displayed an outstanding performance on the sun kissed mountain of Mount Washington which proved to be a great success for both competitors and coaches.

DSC 3804

Hudson Smailes in the Junior category, striding up a steep hill, followed by Senior level Biathlete’s Leia Hoot and Sarah Gunderson – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)  


The Biathlon is a physically demanding sport, combining the art of cross-country skiing and marksmanship. Depending on the type of race each competitor competes in, this will then determine the number of ski bouts and the amount of time on the firing range.

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Senior level Biathlete Justin Pond taking aim at his designated target – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)

Over the weekend the Cadet Biathletes had a chance to compete in individual competition, covering a total of 6.2km of ski. There were three different age group categories that competed on the mountain, including; junior, youth and senior levels.

DSC 3650
Devon Strilchuk, who won Silver in the youth category, striding up the last hill leading to the rifle range – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN) 

Weekend Results:

Boys Junior Category:

Gold – Hudson Smailes from 909 Air Cadets in Westbank

Silver – Lucas Morissette from 754 Air Cadets in Port Moody

Bronze – Olund Mork from 3064 Army Cadets in Williams Lake

Boys Youth Category:

Gold – Emile Vogel-Nakamura from 72 Army Cadets in Vancouver

Silver – Devon Greenhalgh from 909 Air Cadets in Westbank

Bronze – Joren Jackson from 828 Air Cadet in South Delta

Boys Senior Category:

Gold – Carson MacKenzie from 909 Air Cadets in Westbank

Silver – Kevin Fierling from 2812 Army in Surrey

Bronze – Chris Groves from 89 Air Cadets in Victoria

DSC 3942
Lucas Morissette in the Junior category, tucking in for a long downhill section – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)

DSC 3895
Devon Strilchuk, who won Silver in the youth category, loading a .22 caliber round into her rifle – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN) 

Girls Junior Category:

Gold – Tekarra Banser from 909 Air Cadets in Westbank

Silver – Devon Strilchuk from 909 Air Cadets in Westbank

Bronze – Bree Castle from 100 Sea Cadets in Duncan

Girls Youth Category:

Gold – Louisa Tsang from 102 Sea Cadets in New West

Silver – Nicole Tupy from 907 Air Cadets in Port Moody

Bronze – Rebecca Lumley from 205 Air Cadets in Nanaimo

Girls Senior Category:

Gold – Jennah Smailes from 909 Air Cadets in Westbank

Silver – Nicole Tupy form 907 Air Cadets in Whiterock

Bronze – Paige Johnston from 848 Air Cadets in Colwood

DSC 4045
Senior Biathlete Hannah Kruzel trying to maintain a steady aim after completing a lap of strenuous exercise – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)

DSC 3788
Nicole Tupy won Silver in the senior category, powers up a steep hill at the back side of the course – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)

DSC 4082
Paige Jonston accepting her Bronze medal for the Senior category – Medals were presented by Captain Michael Knippel, Chief of Staff Maritime Forces Pacific – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)

DSC 7712
Biathlete’s who qualified to go to the National competition at the Canadian Forces Base in Valcartier, Quebec between March 1-9, 2013 – Photo by Michael Seemann (ISN)

Standing left to right:  Carson MacKenzie, Devon Greenhalgh, Kimberly Buller, Emile Vogel-Nakamura and Kevin Fierling.  Crouching left to right: Hudson Smailes, Jennah Smails, Louisa Tsang, Tekarra Banser, Bree Castle, Devon Strilchuk and Lucas Morissette

With the conclusion of the Cadet Provincial Biathlon at Mount Washington a total of 18 Cadet Biathletes qualified to compete in the National Cadet Biathlon Championship that will be held in Valcartier in March.

The cadet program is a national youth development program and has a membership of over 50,000 young people across Canada. The program provides activities and tools to help the transition from youth into adulthood by instilling values of leadership, fitness, and citizenship in a fun and challenging atmosphere.

To find out more about the Cadet Program visit

A special thank you and congratulations to the Vancouver Island Biathlon Club (VIBC) and the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) for the putting on a successful Provincial Biathlon Competition.

Editor Notes:
Thank you to the following contributers,
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