Wolves vs Panthers

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Story and Photos by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

February 14, 2013, Victoria BC (ISN) – The Peninsula Panthers came to Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria on Wednesday night to meet up with the Westshore Wolves. 

Wednesday nights game would be the Wolves’ last regular season game for 2013. With Matt Chester in net for the Wolves and Stephen Heslop in net for the Panthers, the first period looked to be anyone’s game.

BIMG 9801small
Goaltenders Matt Chester and Stephen  Heslop wish each other luck before the game – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

The Wolves were on the board at 12:30 when Braedon Behan opened the scoring with the one and only goal in the first period ending with a 1-0 lead in favor of the Wolves.

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Between Wolves Spencer Preece and  Panthers Reece Costain, it’s anyone’s puck – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

Two goals were scored in the second period and both markers were in favor of Westshore. The first came at 13:33 when Josh Bloomenthal scored his team’s second goal on Heslop, this was followed shortly after by a power play goal scored by Brett Lervold at 16:17.  The scoreboard was now showing a 3-0 tally for the Wolves by the end of the period.

BIMG 9846small
Panthers Josh Adkins and Wolves Brett  Lervold fight for the puck – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

The Panthers didn’t answer back until 6:18 into the third period when Nathan Looysen beat Chester, managing to get his team up on the board.  Kayle Ramsay answered back, burying one on Heslop at the 8:04 mark bringing  the score to 4-1 in favor of the Wolves.

BIMG 0138small
Wolves Ryan Kelm and Panthers Cole Glover  chase after the puck – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

BIMG 0139small
Wolves Ryan Kelm and Panthers Cold Glover  continue to chase the puck – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

It was 18:49 when the Panthers received another break, Zack Smith scored on Chester changing the score 4-2 in favor of the Wolves.  This would be the final score of the game, total shots on net for the Wolves – 33, and total shots for the Panthers – 41.

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The Westshore Wolves ended their regular  season with a win – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)