DAY 1 (of 2): Brock, Alberta battling for both men’s and women’s titles


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LONDON, Ont. (CIS) – After the first day of action at the2013 CIS wrestling championships hosted by Western University, bothteam titles are very much up for grabs with two schools leading thepack on the women’s side, and three contenders leading theway on the men’s.

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The race for the women’s banner is shaping up as a battlebetween the last two national champions, the 2012 titlist BrockBadgers and 2011 champ Alberta Pandas.

The OUA champion Badgers have four athletes going for gold onSaturday, with two others set to compete for bronze. Gold medalfinalists for Brock include Jade Parsons (48kg), Dana Ford (51kg),Carlene Sluberski (55kg) and Rebecca Levitt (72kg), while Badgerswho will battle for third place include Natasha Chang (63kg) andMarissa Sorrel (67kg).

Parsons hopes to defend her CIS title at 48kg, while Chang was agold medallist at 59kg a year ago but moved up one weight divisionthis season.

The Pandas counter with three wrestlers competing for gold withthree others set to fight for bronze. Molly Bouchard (72kg),Sabrina Kelly (67kg) and Marlen Figueroa (63kg) will representAlberta in title matches, while Hayley Thomas (55kg), Natalie Brady(51kg) and Madison Beblow (82kg) hope for third-place finishes.

Other women’s teams with gold medal finalists includeCalgary (Holly Ellsworth-Clark – 82kg and Josee Tremblay– 48kg), Guelph (Kelsey Gsell – 82kg and Jade Papke– 51kg), Concordia (Linda Morais – 63kg), Regina (LisaMcKibben – 67kg), Saskatchewan (Koren Pitkethley –59kg), UNB (Samantha Stewart – 59kg) and Western (BrianneBarry – 55kg).

A full list of women’s match-ups for tomorrow is includedbelow.

On the men’s side, the team race is between Alberta,Western and Brock, all in contention for the banner.

Alberta leads the way with four gold medal opportunities onSaturday along with an additional chance for a bronze. Battling forthe gold for Alberta will be Dylan Williams (61kg), MichaelAsselstine (65kg), Jamie Yurick (82kg) and Jamie Hoffman (130kg),while Jason Wass (57kg) will go for bronze.

Just behind Alberta are the host Western Mustangs with threewrestlers who will be vying for gold while two more aim for bronze.Steven Takahashi (54kg), Ilya Abelev (72kg) and Josh Proctor (68kg)make up the Mustangs trio of gold medal competitors, with MattJagas (65kg) and Kevin Ens (90kg) vying for bronze.

The Brock Badgers also have three shots at a gold medal tomorrowalong with three chances to win bronze. Gold medal finalists forBrock include C.J. Hudson (65kg), Javon Balfour (68kg) and MatrixxFerreira (76kg), while Brian Cowan (54kg), Zack Falcioni ((57kg)and Tim Clement (61kg) compete for bronze.

While it looks as though the Concordia Stingers won’tthree-peat as CIS men’s champions, one of their wrestlers hasa chance to make CIS history on Saturday. Olympian David Tremblaywill battle Williams in the 61kg final with a chance to become onlythe fifth wrestler in history – and the third male – tofinish his career with the maximum of five individual goldmedals.

Teammate Jordan Steen will also compete for first placetomorrow, at 90kg.
Other men’s teams with gold medal finalists are: Saskatchewan(Dylan Bray – 57kg, Ryan Myrfield – 72kg, and LandonSquires – 90kg), Winnipeg (Jake Miller – 76kg andBriston Brenton – 82kg), Lakehead (Dustin Helwig –54kg), Guelph (John Fitzgerald – 130kg), and Regina (StevenSchneider – 57kg).

A full list of men’s match-ups for tomorrow follows.


Gold: Josee Tremblay (Calgary) vs. Jade Parsons (Brock)
Bronze: Jasmine Slinn (Regina) vs. Natasha Kramble(Saskatchewan)
5th: Nicole Mazara (McMaster) vs. Valerie Ouellette (Western)

Gold: Jade Papke (Guelph) vs. Diana Ford (Brock)
Bronze: Natalie Brady (Alberta) vs. Cara Nania (Calgary)
5th: Slike Svenkeson (Saskatchewan) vs. Alyssa Medeiros(Western)

Gold: Carlene Sluberski (Brock) vs. Brianne Barry (Western)
Bronze: Hayley Thomas (Alberta) vs. Hanna Franson(Saskatchewan)
5th: Emily Kessler (Winnipeg) vs. Emma Horner (Lakehead)
7th: Kim Au (UNB)

Gold: Samantha Stewart (UNB) vs. Koren Pitkethley(Saskatchewan)
Bronze: Jessie Seida (Calgary) vs. Nicole Roach (McMaster)
5th: Jamie Bergenstorm (Alberta) vs. Laurel Knowles (Lakehead)
7th: Andrea Wakelin (Western) vs. Noelle Laite (Memorial)

Gold: Marlen Figueroa (Alberta) vs. Linda Morais (Concordia)
Bronze: Natasha Chang (Brock) vs. Larrissa D’Alleva(Western)
5th: Hilary Goble (Calgary) vs. Jessica Brenton (Winnipeg)
7th: Breanne Coady (Memorial) vs. Jenny Pranger (Lakehead)

Gold: Lisa McKibben (Regina) vs. Sabrina Kelly (Alberta)
Bronze: Ocean Burns (Calgary) vs. Marissa Sorrel (Brock)
5th: Arlene Williams (Western) vs. Sara Cattani (Lakehead)
7th: Abby Nash (UNB)

Gold: Molly Bouchard (Alberta) vs. Rebecca Levitt (Brock)
Bronze: Taylor Follensbee (Saskatchewan) vs. Kristine Longeau(Regina)
5th: Kelsey Dayler (Lakehead) vs. Grace Bannerman (Toronto)
7th: Carla Chaytor (Memorial)

Gold: Holly Ellswoth-Clarke (Calgary) vs. Kelsey Gsell (Guelph)
Bronze: Madison Beblow (Alberta) vs. Jillian Durant (Regina)
5th: Olivia Dibacco (Brock) vs. Monica Varallo (Western)


Gold: Dustin Helwig (Lakehead) vs. Steven Takahashi (Western)
Bronze: Golden Musonza (Regina) vs. Brian Cowan (Brock)
5th: Shane Johnson (Saskatchewan) vs. Treveor Banks (Concordia)
7th: Jay Naicker (Alberta)

Gold: Steven Schneider (Regina) vs. Dylan Bray (Saskatchewan)
Bronze: Jason Wass (Alberta) vs. Zack Falcioni (Brock)
5th: Noel Tremblay (Concordia) vs. Amed Shamiya (McMaster)
7th: Navrit Wirach (Guelph) vs. Tyson Drake (Memorial)

Gold: Dylan Williams (Alberta) vs. David Tremblay (Concordia)
Bronze: Tim Clement (Brock) vs. Jason Buckle (McMaster)
5th: J.F. Godin (UNB) vs. Ethan Smith (Western)
7th: Theo Dow (Saskatchewan) vs. Sudeepta Aurka (Calgary)

Gold: Micheal Asselstine (Alberta) vs. C.J. Hudson (Brock)
Bronze: James Mancini (Concordia) vs. Matt Jagas (Western)
5th: Chris Garneau (McMaster) vs. Malcolm Meekins(Saskatchewan)
7th: Tyler Buchan (Calgary) vs. Dave Gilliss (UNB)

Gold: Josh Proctor (Western) vs. Javon Balfour (Brock)
Bronze: Brian Hutton (Calgary) vs. Scott Schiller (Concordia)
5th: Morgan St. Laurent (UNB) vs. Drew Belanger (Alberta)
7th: Matt Fedler (Regina) vs. Mehrdad Pourkamali (York)

Gold: Ryan Myrfield (Saskatchewan) vs. Ilya Abelev (Western)
Bronze: Shawn Daye Finley (UNB) vs. Kyle Horvath (Calgary)
5th: Gabriel Turetsky (Brock) vs. Scott Christian (Lakehead)
7th: Adel Taj (Alberta) vs. Gurveer Talhan (Concordia)

Gold: Jake Miller (Winnipeg) vs. Matrixx Ferreira (Brock)
Bronze: Grayson St. Laurent (UNB) vs. Eric Steffler (McMaster)
5th: Jacob Luczak (Regina) vs. Coleman Brinker (Alberta)
7th: Sam Hanna (Western) vs. Chris Kinsella (Concordia)

Gold: Briston Brenton (Winnipeg) vs. Jamie Yurick (Alberta)
Bronze: Kevin MacLellan (McMaster) vs. Mathieu Deschatelets(Guelph)
5th: John Lendvoy (Regina) vs. Eric Jacobson (Western)
7th: Matt Patey (Memorial)

Gold: Landon Squires (Saskatchewan) vs. Jordan Steen(Concordia)
Bronze: Kevin Ens (Western) vs. Chadd Lee (Lakehead)
5th: Daniel Oloumi (Alberta) vs. Kevin Barret (McMaster)
7th: Alex Thoms (UNB) vs. Nick Proctor (Calgary)

Gold: Jamie Hoffman (Alberta) vs. John Fitzgerald (Guelph)
Bronze: Kyle Nguyen (Winnipeg) vs. Samson Swan (Saskatchewan)
5th: Tom Macrae (UNB) vs. Cory Palmer (Western)
7th: Andrew Balach (McMaster) vs. Robert Hermanto (Memorial)

CHAMPIONSHIPSCHEDULE (all sessions webcast live

Friday, March 1
10:00 Preliminaries Round 1 (
13:00 Preliminaries Round 2 (
15:30 Preliminaries Round 3 (

Saturday, March 2
10:00 Classification matches 5th-8th place (
12:30 Bronze-medal matches (
14:30 Championship finals (
18:00 Awards Banquet (Sheraton Hotel – Bristol Ballroom)


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