Vikes put up a fight against visiting Oregon State crews

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By Natalie Wise, Vikes Communications

March 10, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – On the unusually calm waters of Elk Lake the University of Victoria Vikes men’s and women’s rowing teams took on Oregon State University in their annual head-to-head meet, March 9, 2013.

With the UVic-OSU Dual Meet a tradition that goes back over 30 years, the friendly rivalry between the two crews promises to exhibit some good racing year in and year out.

The first event of the day was between two men’s freshmen eights with OSU’s boat taking the win over UVic’s with their time of 6:16.3 to UVic’s 6:24.8.

Next up were the freshmen women’s eights with the Vikes looking to make it a victory for the third year in a row. However, the visiting OSU crew once again got the better of UVic’s boat as they crossed the line at 7:07.43 with UVic at 7:27.32.

The men’s junior varsity eights raced a thrilling 2000-m from start to finish as the boats were seat-for-seat and crossing the line virtually at the same time. After a video review, it was determined that OSU had a slight edge and the visitors were pronounced the winning crew.

In the women’s varsity fours, the Vikes took the number one spot with their time of 7:27.32 while OSU finished the 2000-m course in 8:01.65.

The men’s varsity eight was another race that did not disappoint as it came right down the last few strokes with OSU a mere second ahead at 6:00.5 to UVic’s 6:01.5.

In the women’s varsity eight, OSU raced two crews to UVic’s one and with the Vikes as the defending champions they were looking to keep the title in Victoria. After the Vikes pulled ahead in the first 500-m OSU pulled a come-from-behind strategy to take the lead in the final 500-m. The OSU boat posted a time of 6:42.43, UVic came in at 6:46.67 while the third OSU crew crossed the line at 7:01.23.

The last boats to race were the men’s junior varsity fours with UVic getting the best of OSU in 6:58.3. OSU wrapped up the 2000-m course in 7:03.6.

Next up for the University of Victoria Vikes men’s and women’s rowing teams is a trip to Vancouver to take on the University of British Columbia in the famed Brown Cup, Mar. 30.


Men’s Freshmen Eight

1. OSU, 6:16.3

2. UVIC, 6:24.8

Women’s Freshmen Eight

1. OSU, 7:07.43

2. UVIC, 7:27.32

Men’s Junior Varsity Eight

1. OSU, 6:06.1

2. UVIC, 6:06.1

Women’s Junior Varsity Four

1. UVIC, 7:27.32

2. OSU, 7:07.43

Men’s Varsity Eight

1. OSU, 6:00.5

2. UVIC, 6:06.1

Women’s Varsity Eight

1. OSU, 6:42.43

2. UVIC, 6:46.67

3. OSU, 7:01.23

Men’s Junior Varsity Four

1. UVIC, 6:58.3

2. OSU, 7:03.6