Vic Sharks

Story and Photos and Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

March 24, 2013,  Victoria, BC (ISN) – In the VHL playoffs, it was game 3 of 5 for the Lions and the Sharks at Pearkes Arena in Victoria on Sunday night.

Dave Brumby was in net for the Sharks and Matt Thomson was in for the Lions, with one win apiece both net minders were gearing up for what was to become a very physical and spirited third game. Twenty seconds after the opening face-off, Colin Guiguet set the pace scoring the first of four goals by the Sharks in the first twenty minutes of the game.

vIMG 5834smallAnthony Hordyk is the sole goal scorer for the Lions – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

Before any more goals were scored by the Sharks, the Lions would answer back at 4:19 when Anthony Hordyk buried the puck in behind Brumby.  Hordyk’s goal would turn out to be the sole goal scored by the Lions during the playoff.

vIMG 5884small
Players get tangled up together, mid ice – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

At 4:40 Tyler Tachnyk plotted one behind Thomson, followed by another by Kelly Reynolds at 6:19, and then at 17:19 Tyler Tachnyk buried his second, ending the period with the scoreboard showing 4-1 for the Sharks.

vIMG 5902small
Lions Clayton Lainsbury, and Sharks Jeremy Hanman and Colin Guiguet, watch the puck soar around the boards – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

It was a rough and highly energetic period with only a single goal scored during the second which came midway through the period at 10:09. Tyler Tachnyk would finish his hat trick, changing the scoring to a 5-1 lead for the Sharks and bringing the game to an end. The Sharks took the win and now lead the series 2-1.

Game 4 will take place on Tuesday night, the puck will drop at 8:45 March 26th at Pearkes Arena. 

vIMG 5977small
The game gets a little rough near the end – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)