Vikes women topple defending national champs, men finish second

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By Vikes Communications

March 25, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The University of Victoria Vikes women’s soccer team finally got their redemption after Mallory Hacket scored the game-winner for the Vikes to upset the defending CIS national champions, the Trinity Western Spartans, in Sunday’s final of the annual Keg Spring Classic.

The Vikes women tally this victory after losing to the Spartans this year in the semifinals of the 2012 CIS national championship, as well as last year’s final of the Keg Spring Cup. ON the men’s side, the Vikes suffered a 3-0 loss to the reigning CIS champions, the UBC Thunderbirds, to finish second in the tournament. Both third-place games finished in a draw.


Final Standings:

WOMEN: (1) Victoria (2) Trinity Western (3) Alberta and UBC

MEN: (1) UBC (2) Victoria (3) Fraser Valley and Trinity Western

GAME 5: Women 3rd Place – UBC (1) – Alberta (1)

It was a chilly morning kick off for the women’s bronze medal game of this year’s Keg Cup but the cold didn’t stop either team from putting early pressure on the other’s defence. Ball possession was equal as the Pandas and the Thunderbirds took turns venturing into the other’s half. UBC could not find a way past the Pandas’ defence and U of A’s shooters had a hard time finding the net. But 11 minutes in UBC found their rhythm and their first goal. The cross came from Shalya Chorney and Samantha Dresher just got on the end of it to ping it off the inside of the left post and into the back of the net. UBC kept up their advance, keeping U of A keeper, Kelti Biggs, on her toes. The Pandas seemed determined to get a goal of their own, mounting an aggressive offence that the Thunderbird defence worked hard to shut down keeping their team ahead 1-0 at the end of the half.

UBC started the half off with a few quick chances but couldn’t finish. The Pandas countered with an attempt of their own that UBC keeper, Leah Peric, scooped up easily. U of A’s most promising chance came in the 56th minute when Kelsey Mitchell sent a hard low shot in that required a diving block from Peric. Unfortunately for the Thunderbirds, Jessie Candlish was there to collect the rebound and neatly tuck the ball into the back of the net. Peric seemed to be having a hard time collecting herself, fumbling her next save and almost allowing the Pandas to grab and quick second goal. Her punt after she collected the errant ball bounced off the U of A striker and almost into the back of her own net. The Thunderbirds decided to replace Peric with their regular season keeper, Alyssa Williamson. UBC lacked the pace and timing they had in the first half and, despite some personnel changes, could not seem to get the ball out of their own end and, when they did manage to send through some long balls, were caught offside time and time again. U of A was also unable to find the winning goal and the game ended tied 1-1.


UBC: 1 – 0 : 1

U of A: 0 – 1 : 1


UBC: Samantha Dresher (11′)

U of A: Jessie Candlish (56′)


GAME 6: Men 3rd Place – Trinity Western (0) – Fraser Valley (0)

Trinity Western started the game with a promising chance in the first minute that slipped just wide of the right post. The Spartans’ quick pace up front seemed to catch the Cascades off balance in the first few minutes before they composed themselves and mounted their own attack. Trinity Western’s keeper, Andrew Hicks, came out of the gate just as aggressive as his teammates, challenging Fraser Valley’s strikers outside the 18 yard box and thwarting the Cascades’ early scoring attempts. Both keepers seemed on the ball, Fraser Valley’s Jake Kubanski looked calm and collected and he scooped up Trinity Western’s attempts on net. Both teams had ample opportunity to get the first goal of the game as each team took a lot of shots in the first half that ranged in accuracy from pinpoint percision to wildly off target. Unfortunately neither side was able to find the back of the net and the game was scoreless heading into the second half.

Early in the second half, Trinity Western’s captain, Brayden Gant, went down with a knee injury and required a sub but that did not slow the Spartans’ advance. Both teams continued their first half attacks and Hicks and Kubanski continued to shine in net. Fraser Valley had a six corners in a row in the middle of the half but failed to convert any of them into a goal. The keepers really were the stars of this game that finished in a scoreless draw.


TWU: 0 – 0 : 0

UFV: 0 – 0 : 0





GAME 7: Women FINAL – Trinity Western (0) – Victoria (1)

The sun came out for the final women’s game of the tournament and the Vikes started the game off with a bang. A corner from Lindsay Hoetzell in the third minute became a goal for Mallory Hackett who beat the Spartans’ keeper, Bailey Williams-Kapels, in a goal-mouth scramble to roll the ball into the back of the net. The Vikes kept up a steady pressure, looking for redemption after their semi-final loss to the Spartans in the CIS Nationals. Trinity Western made a few forays into the Vikes’ end but Victoria had the majority of the ball possession during the first part of the half. Hoetzell was taken down just utside the Spartans’ box in the 32nd minute but the resulting free kick, taken by Emma Grieg, went straight to Williams-Kapels for an easy catch. Except for one lofty attempt that skimmed the crossbar, Trinity Western did not have a lot of chances as the half wound down. The Vikes had 11 shots to the Spartans’ 4 but just one goal to leave the score 1-0 going into the second half.

Victoria switched keepers at the break, Tanya Jones took over for Steph Parker, who is one of UVic’s captains and in her last year playing for the Vikes. Jones was tested early with a high corner that curved in towards the goal but she got a fist on it and punched the attempt away. The Spartans evened out the possession percentages but did not present a serious challenge to the Victoria defence. Trinity Western thought they had a goal at the 75th minute but it was disallowed by the referee. Jones caught a high shot but was fouled and pushed into her net by two Spartan players going in for headers. After a quick consultation with his linewoman the referee stoped the Trinity celebrations and called a goal kick. The Spartans had some good chances after their diasallowed attempt but Jones rose to the occasion and Trinity Western’s shots did not find the back of the net. The Vikes weathered the last 5 minutes and extra time in the Spartans’ end waiting for the final whistle.


UVIC: 1 – 0 : 1

TWU: 0 – 0 : 0


UVIC: M. Hackett (3′)



GAME 8: Men FINAL – UBC (4) – Victoria (0)

An early opportunity for UBC had the Vikes defence scrambling but Victoria’s keeper, Elliott Mitrou, was calm as he collected the hard low shot. UBC’s agressiveness paid off for them in the 21st minute when Mitrou challenged for a high ball in at the top of the 18 but fumbled the catch, the ball then bounced straight to Reynold Stewart who chipped the defence to score. UBC almost had another in the 27th minute but Mitrou was saved by his post and the shot bounced away from the goal. Uvic answered with a lofty attempt by Wes Barett from outside the 18 but was denied by UBC goal keeper Luke O’Shea. Uvic had some good looking chances off of their corners but could not connect. The 37th minute brought a yellow card for Uvic’s Gavin Barett who took his UBC opponent down to the turf in an attempt to regain posession of the ball. The Vikes had a few chances but couldn’t capitalize and the score remained 1-0 going into the half.

The second half saw back-and-forth play but UBC enjoyed the majority of the possession. The Thunderbirds’ perserverance paid off in the 58th minute but not in the manner they expected. Uvic’s Gavin Barrett went up to head clear a ball in from UBC’s Harry Lakhan but misjudged and the ball skipped backwards off his head and into his own goal. The Vikes struggled in the second half to control the ball and get it out of their own end. UBC had a lot of the possession but could not find the back of the net. The Vikes racked up a lot of fouls while defending including a yellow card for Craig Taylor for being a little too aggressive before a corner kick was taken. Reynold Stewart got his second goal of the game at the 82nd minute, ensuring the Thunderbirds victory. In extra time UBC’s Daniel Gazzola caught the end of a cross into the box to put the icing on the Thunderbird’s 4-0 win.


UVIC: 0 – 0 : 0

UBC: 1 – 3 : 4


UVIC: G. Barett (58′) (own goal)

UBC: R. Stewart (21′) (82′), D. Gazzola (90′)



Saturday March 23

10 a.m. – WOMEN – UBC (1) vs. Trinity Western (2)

12 p.m. – MEN – UBC (4) vs. Trinity Western (0)

2 p.m. – WOMEN – UVic (3) vs. Alberta (0)

4 p.m. – MEN – UVic (2) vs. Fraser Valley (0)

Sunday March 24

10 a.m. – WOMEN – Third-Place Game; UBC (1) – Alberta (1)

12 p.m. – MEN – Third Place Game: Trinity Western (0) – Fraser Valley (0)

2 p.m. – WOMEN – Final: Victoria (1) – Trinity Western (0)

4 p.m. – MEN – Final: Victoria (0) – UBC (3)