Gabriel Varga – Glory World Series On May 3

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Written by Keith Varga

April 17, 2013, You may Know Gabriel Varga is fighting in the May 3 tournament in Tokyo, Japan – you may not know; Gabriel is the first Canadian fighter to ever be selected to fight in the Glory World Series Events.

It has taken a great deal of work on Gabriel’s part to earn this spot – it was also a great deal of work for many of us to get him the opportunity.

I would love to see more Canadian fighters get this opportunity, so what I would suggest – or ask you and your friends – order and watch the event.

The NetWorks monitor and know where their paying viewers come from. Frankly if we can get a bunch of Canadians watching this event and Glory sees the support from Canada, we may well be able to get more Canadian fighters the opportunity to be on a Glory event.

Fan base is a great propellant.

May 3rd, watch and cheer for Gabriel and you could be helping other Canadian fighters get their shot in the immediate future.

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