Tourist ticks curling off bucket list through magic of Twitter

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April 24, 2013, (ISN) – Clare Moran had “play curling” on her bucket list and she knew that her recent trip to Vancouver was the perfect time to try it. So she took to social media site Twitter with her request for a lesson in Vancouver and Curl BC stepped in to help set one up.

The North Shore Winter Club was just the club to get her started. Clare wrote about her experience for Curl BC.

I know it sounds crazy to have “play curling” on a bucket list but from somebody who lives in the middle of England where we’re lucky to see an inch of snow once a year, to have an opportunity to even try the sport is simply a dream.

That is until the magic of Twitter surfaced and the kind people of Curl BC put the word out that there is a crazy Brit who would die for a lesson. North Shore Winter Club in Vancouver stepped up to the challenge and organized a lesson with their brilliant head coach Roger Mitchell.

After being quoted over $100 in Toronto to simply hire a sheet of ice for an hour, I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of choices for $12. I brought two newly made friends along, who were just as keen as me, to be shown the ropes in a great North Vancouver sports club.