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April 26, (ISN) – From April 17 to 21, 32 teams of curlers from as far as Australia, the United States and the Yukon gathered at the Richmond Curling Club for the 14th annual Pacific International Cup (PIC).

For Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC), the organizers of the PIC, the curlers and all our lovely volunteers, this certainly was a historic event.

It was SCI BC’s fifth year as the PIC’s official charity, and this year the PIC organizing committee met one of their ultimate goals: they raised a grand total of $100,000 for Spinal Cord Injury BC, over the course of five years!

Spinal Cord Injury BC blogger CANDICE VALLANTIN tells the story of how the Pacific International Cup has raised more than $100,000 over five years for the charity.

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Chris McBride, SCI BC’s executive director, and the whole staff were elated when they heard the news:

“Spinal Cord Injury BC is eternally grateful to the members of the PIC organizing committee, who, year after year, demonstrate their generosity and support for our programs. It is rare to have such a dedicated and welcoming group of individuals support us at such a consistently high level over such a long period of time. Their support and enthusiasm also spills over to the volunteers and curlers who help make the PIC such a success. We are so pleased to have this unique relationship with the PIC Organizing Committee,” says Chris.

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