Story and Photos by Jim Hockley (ISN)

April 28, 2013, Nanaimo, BC (ISN) – Game one at the 2013 Western Canada Cup between the Surrey Eagles and the Brooks Alberta Bandits appeared by some, a shocker as the Bandits defeated the Eagles by a score of 4-2.

The Bandits opened the scoring 18.27 of the first which was scored by Brandon Bruce, followed by two more goals in the second by Mark Logan and R J Reed. The fourth goal in the third was scored by Cam Maclise at the 13.27 mark.

Too little to late as the Eagles twisted the net in the third by Brady Shaw at 3.08, then at the 19 minute mark by Drew Best.

Game two of the day featured host team Nanaimo who clashed with the Yorkton Terriers.  The Terriers coming up with a tough 4-3 come from behind win, leaving the Clippers with something to think about.

DSC 1533
Yorktons Jeremy Johnson celebrates Terriers first goal – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 1539
Clippers Derek Dun watches helplessly as the puck passes him into the net – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

In the first period both teams were tied 20 minutes into the game, it would be Taylor Thompson and Jeremy Johnson for the Terriers.

With the Clippers scoring the only goal in the second period, things started to heat up in the third, and as the game progressed it was easy to see, these two teams did not like each other.  Johson would bring the game to a tie with 6:49 left to play.

DSC 1540
Clipper Derek Dun deflecting a Yorkton shot – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 1559
Dawson MacAuley stones Clipper Greg Fraser from a breakaway – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

Captain Devon Mcmullen managed a late goal at the 3:56 mark, giving the Terriers a 4-5 lead.  With less than a minute in the game, the Clippers would come within inches of tying the game…But of course close is only in horse shoes.

DSC 1617
Goalie Dawson MacAuley watches as as team mate Dylan Bayer clears the puck – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

Stay tuned for more exciting action this weekend from the 2013 Western Canada Cup in Nanaimo, BC.

Please enjoy the photo gallery, courtesy of Jim Hockley (Island Sports News)

DSC 1552
Photo by Jim Hockley (Island Sports News)

DSC 1586
Photo by Jim Hockley (Island Sports News)

DSC 1630
Photo by Jim Hockley (Island Sports News)

DSC 1640
Photo by Jim Hockley (Island Sports News)

DSC 1646
Photo by Jim Hockley (Island Sports News)