MIVA 15 km time trial


Peter McCaffery

May 4, 2013, Nanaimo, BC (ISN) – On Thursday night, the new course, west of South Forks Road was used for the first time.

Some of the riders were unsure of how the change would affect their times . Here’s a take on the course from fast man, Don Gillmore:

“Compared to the old course, the new course has about the same amount of climbing. Each essentially has one significant climb, plus a number of kickers that on the way back to the start, can be tackled hard without gearing down. There are also difficult sections on the way out with sustained opposition from the generally uphill terrain, making it unlikely to iron out the rollers on the way out. Coupled with a moderate headwind, the course seemed almost relentless out to the turnaround. Some effort should be spared for the biggest hill which is not far before the turn.

Once the turn is completed, the rider is much more free to flirt with the red line, as there are many places where speed can be easily maintained. This is similar to the old course but seems to hold even more true”.

Once again Don had the fastest time, newcomer Wade Smith was able to get within a minute of Don’s winning effort. It was good to see four youth riders out for the event. Thanks to Ian Smith, Phil Birrer, Katy Wallington, Sarah Davidson and family for their volunteer contributions.

Next Thursday is a 20 km tt on the new course.


Name Club Time Cat.

Don Gillmore MIVA 21′ 48″ M

Wade Smith unattached 22′ 39″ M

Mark Wieler Arrowsmith 25′ 40″ M

Patrick Burnham MIVA 25′ 48 M Fixed wheel

Corey Friesen Hub City Tri Club 25′ 49″ M

Jason Hare HCTC 26′ 18″ M

Angelos Glaros HCTC 27′ 06″ M

Paul Callow MIVA 28′ 19″ M

Mike Gill MIVA 29′ 14″ M

Mike Mann MIVA 29′ 16″ M

Mykelti Berg MIVA 29′ 21 YF 17 yrs

Dave Metcalfe HCTC 29′ 29″ M

Abigail Hare MIVA 32′ 17″ YF 14 yrs

Aiden Hare MIVA 37′ 04″ YM 12 yrs

Ian Gilmore MIVA 44′ 31″ YM 8 yrs.