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Story and Photos by Ken Keating (ISN)

May 6, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Aaaaahhh, the smell of popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, burning rubber, screeching tires, and roaring engines, combined with the talented April Reidie singing O’Canada.  It can only mean one thing; racing has begun at Western Speedway for the 2013 season.

Five classes of racers were on hand for this opening and Daryl Cahill was the first to Victory Square when he took the chequered flag in the Hornet Trophy Dash. Bruce Garside won the Dash for the Dwarf Car Series, Matt Szauer was the Mini Stock Dash winner, Dave Reside won the Stock Car Dash, and Matt Mansell was victorious in the WilRoc wingless Sprint Car Series.

DSC08466 (2)
Cam Stanfield #73 races with Daryn Cahill in Hornet action – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

DSC08468 (2)
Miles Maxie #58 leads #8 Mike Schott and Bruce Garside #5 in Dwarf Car action – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Delorme #97 races with Mike Schott #8 in Dwarf Cars – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Heat race wins went to Mike Schott in the Island Dwarf Car Series. The first lap incident sidelined Tyler Peters and Bob Greenaway for the night when they got together on the backstretch, and  wound up into the wall. Both cars suffered a lot of front end damage in the collision. Brad Aumen held off the Cahill brothers, Daryl and Daryn to win the Hornet Heat race. Joe Dardengo was the Heat race winner in the Sprint Car Series, Alex Mouner returned to the winners circle picking up the Heat win in the SDL Bins, I.M.S. 4 Mini Stock Series. Chris McInerny and Rhett Smith were Heat race winners in the Island Stock Car Series.

DSC08473 (2)
Gord Percival spins in front of Matt Szauer – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

DSC08474 (2)
Matt Szauer #18 and #7 Justin Woodske avoid a spinning Percival in Mini Stock Action – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Eleven cars took the green flag for twenty-five laps of racing in the Steve Copp Construction sponsored Hornet Series racing on the big oval. Brad Aumen vaulted into the lead by lap four, chased by Phil Lagan and Cam Stanfield. On lap eight, Daryl and Daryn Cahill moved into contention, running fourth and fifth respectively, and two laps later took over the third and fourth positions. Over the next few laps Daryl and Aumen diced back and forth for the lead with Stanfield staying close. On lap fourteen, Daryl got the lead while Stanfield held on to the second position with Aumen now back to third. On lap eighteen, Daryn Cahill pulled into the pits after a great run up front, and in the challenge. Daryl Cahill went on to the win followed by Cam Stanfield, Brad Aumen, Phil Lagan, and Glenn Rand rounding out the top five positions.

Jeremy Waksel #77 races with Matt Szauer – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Joey Delorme and Bruce Garside led eight cars to the green flag in the Dwarf Car Feature event of the night. On the second lap, Dave Emmerson charged into the lead as Garside and Miles Maxie jockeyed for the second and third positions. Once into the lead, Emmerson extended his lead lap by lap and then cruised to the win after twenty-five laps. Garside hung onto the second position, followed by Maxie, Ryan Orchard, and Delorme rounding out the top five positions.

Chris McInerny #25 leads Daryl Crocker and Dave Reside – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

DSC08488 (2)
Sprint Car action with Lance Wade #98 inside and Mike Haslam #22 outside – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Caleb Van Bree and Billy Stidston shared the front row for the start of the SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stock twenty-five lap Feature event. Van Bree got the lead early, and it wasn’t long and Alex Mouner moved up to run side by side with the leader. It seemed that every time they crossed the start/finish line, they took turns leading that lap and neither one willing to give an inch. In the meantime, Matt Szauer moved right in to challenge the two front runners. On lap eighteen, Mouner went to the outside, Szauer moved to the inside going through turn four, and squeezed Van Bree back to run third. Mouner went on to win this very close race with Szauer taking the second spot, Van Bree in third, followed by Justin Woodske and Jeremy Waksel rounding out the top- five positions.

DSC08491 (8)
Joe Dardengo #10 races with Matt Mansell – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Chris McInerny had the pole with Rhett Smith on the outside front row for the start of the Island Stock Car Feature event scheduled for thirty-five laps. McInerny grabbed the lead early while several drivers tried to come from the back to challenge. On lap seven, Dave Reside got a bit loose and almost collected Brian Clutchey as they tried to avoid disaster. Up front, McInerny still had the lead, followed by Shane Scott and Rhett Smith. By lap twenty, Daryl Crocker and Kevin Knight moved up to challenge the front runners who ran side by side for several laps. On lap twenty-seven, Scott dropped out with mechanical problems and left Crocker and Knight to battle with McInerny. On lap thirty-one Crocker moved up to run side by side with McInerny and looked to take the lead. On the final couple of laps, Crocker, Knight, and McInerny used each other as a pick, with McInerny coming out with the lead that he carried to the chequered flag. Crocker, Knight, Reside, and Brandon Steen rounded out the top five.

Alex Mouner #96 races to the lead over Caleb Van Bree #35 in Mini Stock action – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Joe Dardengo and Mike Haslam shared the front row for the start of thirty-five laps of racing in the Richlock Rentals WilRoc wingless Sprint Car Series Feature event.  Haslam managed to get  the early jump. Haslam went unchallenged for the first sixteen laps until Mark Stuart moved to the outside and went by Haslam to take the lead. Jeff Bird also used the same groove to move into the second position. Stuart went on to the chequered flag followed by Bird, Haslam, Chris Root, and Matt Mansell rounding out the top five positions. All winners were greeted at Victory Square with Jessica and Winter presenting the trophies to each individual.

Daryl Cahill – Winner of the Hornet Feature event – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

DSC08500 (2)
Dave Emmerson, Winner of the Dwarf Car Feature event – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

DSC08508 (2)
Alex Mouner, Winner of the Mini Stock Feature event – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Chris McInerny, Winner of the Stock  Car Feature event – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

Mark Stuart, Winner of the WilRoc Sprint Car Feature event – Photo by Ken Keating (Illusion Photography)

The next event at Western Speedway is the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers scheduled for May 11th. This will be the first event for the Demo Series as their planned opening night last month got rained out. This is also the “Princess & Pirates” night where young and old alike get to wear their favorite costume. A fireworks show is also schedule for this event making a great night of entertainment.