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Written by Ken Warren – Photos by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

May 7, 2013, Sooke, BC (ISN) – If Kit Warren of Shadow Mountain Farm had his way, we Canadians would be healthier than any other nation, and as a consequence, recognized as the world’s #1 sports nation.

The success of these two desirable outcomes are being proven on Kit’s #4901 Sooke Rd farm.

Shadow Mountain Farm offers more than just farm fresh food. It’s vast property also contains a boot-campPhoto by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

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Hard working women taking part in the boot-campPhoto by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

Currently the Farm-Fit co-ed program is being conducted by professional trainer Jannine Murray. She challenges her class members in a way they consider rugged but with wonderful results.

“Yes, it’s tough,” said one of the women, “but to be outside in the forest, or at the top of the mountain, or even in the yard on the props and taking in the fresh air certainly beats the smell of the gym.”

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Women in the boot-camp turn heavy tires end over end – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

Jannine has a competitive edge over other trainers due to her years of experience, extensive background in fitness and nutrition, as well as her own personal story of transformation and training. Jannine has a multi-disciplinary approach and has spent almost 19 years of her life learning and studying movement forms and physical sciences, which makes her highly qualified and respected in her field.

Jannine currently has the following certificates:

1) Personal Trainer Certificate Program BCRPA.

2) Strength Trainer Certificate Program BCRPA.

3) Fitness, Theory & Exercise Physiology Certificate BCRPA

4) Nia Technique White Belt Certificate

5) Personal Trainer Certificate. American Council of Exercise

(All of the BCRPA certificates are required to teach in BC as a personal trainer, and the ACE Personal Trainer Certificate is required to teach internationally. The Nia Certificate is required to teach Nia Dancing.)

Kit and Jannine invite any high school or adult team to come out and try the Farm-Fit Boot-camp Challenge. Often, Kit’s rugby friends from Castaways or James Bay come out to the farm to challenge themselves on some of the tasks.

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A young girl gets just a little too close to some hissing geese Photo by Kasey Ericksen (ISN)

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A very alert turkey stands guard high on a dirt mound – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

Hard bodies must also be healthy bodies and here’s where Kit’s and Jannine’s food expertise comes in. Kit is a certified Master Organic Gardener. There are no GMO foods at Kit’s farm. No Monsanto poisons, and no greasy KFC. Animals can’t be happy or healthy if they spend their entire lives in cages the same size as their body. Kit’s heritage chickens and pigs roam large expanses of the property including many journeys into the forest.

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Kit Warren comforts the mother sow as we encroach on her space – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

Everything is organic: veggies, meat, fruit. In addition Kit has tea, roots, and remedies of both Chinese and Native Indian natural medicines.

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Shadow Mountain Farm grows their own organic foods – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

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Fresh organic greens are plenty out at the farm – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

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Fresh bread is always ready for the customer – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

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Different kinds of pure organic honey are also sold out at the Shadow Mountain Farm – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

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Homemade products from delicious chutney, vinegars and fresh corn for popping are available at the Shadow Mountain Farm – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

“I’ve quit fighting the corporations and their cancer-producing foods. They know they’re hurting people and they don’t care. It’s all about the mighty dollar,” Kit exclaimed. “Canada is large enough that there are 70 acres for every one of Canada’s 35 million people. Only when we help small farmers produce enough food to supply a good portion of Canada’s needs will we be on the road to full Canadian health and fitness.”

Attached below is the link to the Farm-Fit Boot-camp Victoria video hosted by Jannine, Come on out and join us!

Farm-Fit Boot-camp at –