Athletics Canada formalizes technical and organizati​onal leadership structure

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Athletics Canada

May 10, 2013, Ottawa, ON (ISN) – On the heels of a complete organizational review Athletics Canada formalized today its technical and organizational structure to lead the organization through the next quadrennial.

Rob Guy, Athletics Canada Chief Executive Officer, “We conducted this review to ensure that we are, as indicated in our strategic plan, a world leading organization. First and foremost I want to thank our stakeholders, our provincial branch members, and the athletics community who were heavily involved in the process.”

Today’s announcement ensures the organization has the composition and delivery mechanisms to achieve operational priorities of stabilizing the technical leadership structure, improving the daily training environment of athletes at all levels and accelerating the Rio 2016 project preparation. From a para-athletics standpoint the organization also aims to address recruitment and talent development needs, as well as increase domestic and international competition program.

•Corporate and national team unit structure and staffing

•Technical leadership structure and staffing

“In the end medal count at World Championships and Olympic / Paralympic Games is the measuring stick for high performance success, we are fully aware that to achieve these objectives we must expand our group of finalists (Top 8),” said Guy.

Athletics Canada’s objectives at the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia are two medals, eight top eight and an overall country ranking of 14 or better. The objectives at the 2013 IPC World Championships in Lyon, France are 12 podiums, two gold medals and 12 top four.

“This process was the first step as part of our internal audit, the next phase will see a comprehensive review of the high performance program,” said Guy. To this end Athletics Canada has engaged Peter Davis, President of Sport Performance Management, to conduct a comprehensive review of the high performance program with the objective of collecting information and feedback to contribute to a strategic planning process which will enhance programs and performance at all levels moving forward.