MIVA 20km Time Trial – Nanaimo River Road


Peter McCaffery

May 11, 2013, Nanaimo, BC (ISN) –  Friday night the temperature and winds were just perfect for the first 20k of the 2013 season. Another great turnout of 16 riders came out for the time trial, along with many volunteers.

The course had some punishing climbs, many found it much harder than the regular MIVA 20k TT course. That said, the hills make you stronger…especially if you’re always on a fixie like Patrick Burnham.

Don Gilmore came in with the fastest overall time with a 28:28, averaging 43km/hr to win the Men’s category. Reagan Lovig made his TT debut tonight and pulled in a very impressive 2nd place finish. Michael Gill came out for his 3rd straight TT and improved his speeds even over the longer and hillier course.

Rhona Lettau came out for her first TT of the year and won the womens race a great time of 36:44, just edging out Rose Houle, Sarah Davidson, and Jennifer Gordon. In the youth female category, Abigail Hare won her 2nd race with another great race. Finally in the youth male category, Aiden Hare did an outstanding race (averaging 25.5 over the hills). Both Aiden and Ian Gilmore actually went much faster over the longer 20k course compared to last weeks 15k course, great efforts!

The turnouts this season have been great, with many riders coming out for 3 out of 3 races so far: Angellos Glaros, Michael Gill, Patrick Burnham, Corey Friesen, Mark Weiler, Don Gilmore, Ian Gilmore, Jason Hare, Abigail Hare, Aiden Hare, and Paul Callow. It’s nice to see so many regulars, as well as many new faces each week.

The winner of the MIVA socks for last week was Michael Gill, with Rose Houle’s name being drawn this week for wearing MIVA kit and winning a free pair of cycling socks.

The results can all be seen here, sortable by category, and also click the drop down arrow to view ‘time back’ or ‘average speed’.

As always, many thanks to the volunteers who came out tonight. Kirby Villeneuve, Angellos Glaros, and Randy Smith were out at the 10k turn around. Glen Gordon thanks for being the holder at the start line, Phil (and gf) for helping with the iPad timing. As always Peter for setting up the course, manual timing, and course take down.

Next week is a 40k TT, hope to see many people out. The idea behind a spring 40k TT is that you can compare it to the late August final 40k TT and see your improvement. And wear MIVA gear to win stuff! See you then.


1 Don Gilmore Male 28:28.0

2 Reagan Lovig Male 33:14.9

3 Mark Wieler Male 34:20.0

4 Patrick Burnham Male 35:04.9

5 Corey Friesen Male 35:05.8

6 Bill Mcmillan Male 36:05.5

7 Jason Hare Male 36:43.4

8 Rhona Lettau Female 36:44.7

9 Rose Houle Female 36:54.8

10 Michael Gill Male 37:29.0

11 Paul Callow Male 37:38.8

12 Sarah Davidson Female 40:07.9

13 Abigail Hare Youth Female 44:49.8

14 Aiden Hare Youth Male 48:01.7

15 Ian Gilmore Youth Male 54:00.0

16 Jennifer Gordon Female 55:14.7