MIVA Arbutus Meadows Criterium


Peter McCaffery

May 22, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Despite the rain in Nanaimo eight riders turned up Tuesday night to contest the two races.

The weather in Nanoose was much dryer and rain held off until after the completion of the evening’s events.

24 lap elimination race

1. Ray Wagner, CVCC

2. Nick Kupiak, MIVA

The 8 starters were to sprint every three laps, with the last over the line being eliminated. The final two riders sprinted for the win after a further two laps.

30 lap points race

sprints every 5 laps with 5, 3, 2 points for top three. Doubl;e points on 15th. And 30th. Lap

The pack stayed together for the majority of the race, except for Mike Gill, who dropped back and used the race as pack training each time he was lapped. Strong man of the race was Mark Wiler, who had 18 points by the half way point. Nick Kupiak was a close second with 14 points. Then, in the second half of the event, Ray Wagner amassed 15 to add to his first half total of 5 but Mark won a further 10 points to end up with 28 points. Other points scorers were Bill McMillan, Steve Crowley and Brodie Hay.


Sprints >>> 1 2 3 4 5 6 Tot. Pos.

Mark Wieler Arrowsmith 5 3 10 2 2 6 28 1st.

Ray Wagner CVCC 3 2 5 10 20 2nd.

Nick Kupiak MIVA 5 6 3 14 3rd.

Bill McMillan MIVA 2 4 4 10 4th.

Steve Crowley MIVA 5 5 5th.

Brodie Hay Vipyrs 3 3 6th.

Fred Hodgson MIVA 0 7th.

Mike Gill 0 8th.

Thanks to Iain Hay for set up and take down. By the way, welcome to new MIVA member Fred Hodgson who rode for Symmetrics some years ago and has just returned to competition after looking after his family, who were also here..