Written by Ken Warren (ISN) – Photographs by David Bukach (ISN)

May 24, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Japanese Kickboxing promoters didn’t want North American Champion Gabriel Varga of Victoria at their Glory World Series in Tokyo earlier this month.

That’s because they wanted the competition to be between the top 10 K1 fighters in the world in each weight division. They simply felt that North American kickboxers don’t match up to European and Asian fighters. However, they relented against their better judgment and signed Gabe Varga to a fight contract in the 65 kg division.

In the ring with Gabriel Varga – North American and two time World Champion – Photo by David Bukach (ISN)

AND FIGHT GABE DID. He was put up against French Champion Abdallah Ezbiri and out-hit, out-kicked, and out-scored Ezbiri in all three rounds. At the Grand Prix Semi-finals Gabe lost to Japanese Champion Yuta Kubo who went on to win the entire competition.

varga3webVarga sits down with Ken Warren of (ISN) and shares his experiences – Photo  by David Bukach (ISN)

Abdallah Ezbiri vs Gabriel Varga

“We had a good fight,” Gabe said of his fight with Kubo. “Yuta had an easy time, one round, in his first fight. I had gone three rounds in mine. Who knows what might have been had he fought my guy first and me, his guy?”

Gabe Varga is in fine form and is looking forward to his next match at the Glory World Series – Photo by David Bukach (ISN)

Varga, 28, has been training since he was seven years old. First with his dad Keith and younger brother Aaron. Then kickboxing and karate black belt with Stan Peterec. He has won all 15 of his bouts on the North American professional circuit. His sponsor is Steve Drane of Victoria’s Harley Davidson.

Gabe loves to train and avoids late night parties and alcohol. He has no trainer and likes it that way.

“I push myself,” he says. “If I had a trainer I’d probably stop and rest after completing his tasks. This way I just keep going.”

His next big fights with Glory World Series will take place this fall.