Big Crowd, Big Trucks, Big Noise!

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Written by Ken Keating – Photos by Illusion Photography (ISN)

May 26, 2013, Langford, BC (ISN) – Aaaahhh Yes!!! The boys of the Lordco Auto Parts Demo racing finally got to show their stuff at Western Speedway Saturday night.

After Mother Nature rained on two previous attempts to get their season underway she didn’t show up until the Feature event for the Bombers Series and by that time it was too late to dampen the spirits of the rather large crowd, the racers, and the appearance of the big Monster Trucks; Rockstar driven by Bill Payne, California Kid driven by Tehvy…n Goodwin, and Reverse Truck driven by Ed Miller and sponsored by Heritage Board Supply. Local singing sensation, Jenny Rhodes, stood in front of Rockstar and done a great job with the Star Spangled Banner and O’Canada to open the evening’s program of Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers plus the added attractions of the Monster Trucks and a Total Destruction event with the small pickups sponsored by PTW Repairs with a big thank you to Phil Lagan for stepping up again for the next such event.

Trophy Dash wins went to George Haywood in the Demo Trucks, Jarrod Heap in the Bomber Series, Jim Gallagher in the Demo Cars, and Kyle Rizok in the Figure 8 Series. Heat race winners were Jim Young in the Demo Cars, Shawn Young and Kail Beck in Figure 8s, Jarrod Heap and Phil Lagan in the Bomber Class, and George Haywood with the Demo Trucks.

DSC08996 (2)
George Haywood wins Demo Truck Featurte eventPhoto by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Twelve hard charging Figure 8 cars took the green flag for thirty laps of racing and by lap seven Kyle Rizok had the lead followed by Cody Laughran and Doug Richens with a yellow flag coming out for Jake Burns with broken tie rods and stopped in a bad place. From the restart it only took a couple of laps for Rhett Szevics to take over the second spot and sets sights on the leader. On lap nineteen, Szevics took the lead with Rizok holding onto second and Brandon Young in third. This race had a lot of hits and cars dropping out and on lap twenty-nine Szevics still held the lead with Rizok and Young hanging in their positions. When the dust settled, Szevics had the win followed by Rizok, Young, James Young, and Kail Beck rounding out the top five positions.

DSC08983 (2)
Rhett Szevics wins Figure 8 Feature eventPhoto by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Seventeen drivers took the green flag for a combined Demo Car and Demo Truck Feature event with Shawn Hitchings and James Young sharing the front row and the Demo Trucks lined up behind all the cars. Hard hits and lots of passing by several drivers was the key in this race as the fans were treated to a good car count and the drivers had to use all their skills to get through the traffic for the win. The yellow came out only three laps in with Hitchings in the lead followed by Jamie Morgan and Joe Liberatore. On lap six Hitchings held the lead but now had Doug Richens, driving double duty with a Figure 8 and Demo Car, running second with George Haywood running third on the track and first with the trucks and looking for the clean sweep. Jim Young moved his #31 car into the third position by lap twelve. Smokin Joe Liberatore and Dustin Dash went sliding into the turn one water barrels sending a large volume of water skyward but both drivers were able to continue. When the dust settled on this one, Hitchings held on for the win followed by Richens and Jim Young in the Demo Cars; Haywwod got the clean sweep by winning the Demo Truck event followed by Dave Cates and Kenny Baker.

DSC08995 (2)
Shawn Hitchings wins Demo Car Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Daniel David had the pole as Cody Sadler lined up outside, front row as twelve cars took the green flag in the Bomber Feature event of the night and thirty laps of racing to decide a winner. Sadler took the early lead as the faster cars were starting to make their way forward from the back of the pack. Brain Wakelin and Morgan Giles were quick to move into contention with several other fast cars coming forward. Danny Madden moved into contention as did Phil Lagan, from the Hornet Series, putting in a serious challenge. By lap five Madden took over the lead followed by Sadler and Wakelin. By lap seven, Madden still had the lead but Jarrod Heap, with a beautiful #42 pickup, was coming forward in a hurry taking the third spot. On lap thirteen, Heap moved into the second spot as positions changed with almost every lap. On lap twenty-one, Heap took over the lead as Madden pulled into the pits at the same time with an over heating brand new engine. A couple positions changed behind the leader and when the chequered flag dropped Heap took the win followed by Bobby Cyr, Wakelin, Aaron Cameron, and Morgan Giles in another competitive Bomber Feature event.

Jarrod Heap wins Bomber Feature eventPhoto by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Nine mini trucks took the green flag for a Total Destruction event and the cat & mouse games began. Needless to say, there was some very punishing hits throughout and when all was said and done Dakota Hansen was the last man running and took home the Trophy presented by Jen and Winter as his girlfriend also joined him at Victory Square for presentations.

DSC09023 (2)
Dakota Hansen wins Total Destruction eventPhoto by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Between the Dashes and before the Features the big boys with the ear splitting, earth shakin, and loud engines flew over junked cars standing on tail gates and flying several feet in mid air with these 10,000 lb behemoth Monster Trucks. As they did last year, nothing was left behind as they used all the horse power to launch these vehicles to great heights. To see these monsters in the hands of these drivers one has to marvel at the power, heights, and distances these vehicles are urged to obtain when they entertain such manoeuvres. In the after event interview, you could hear the excitement and the joy of running these things from Bill Payne, driver of Rockstar. These guys will be back for a two day show on July 26th and 27th and well worth seeing. Rides in a Monster Truck called Bone Crusher and driven by Robert Brett is also an option when you attend these events.

DSC08905 (2)
Just part of a large crowd that filled Western Speedway stands Saturday night – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

The next event, at Western Speedway, is June 1st with the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprints, the Island Stock Cars, the SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stocks, the Island Dwarf Cars, and the Steve Copp Construction sponsored Hornets running again on the big oval.