Jacob Varga wins B.C. Provincial Championsh​ip

Olsons Martial Arts Boxing

Written by Keith Varga

May 26, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – This weekend Olsen’s Martial Arts on Vancouver Island has hosted the B.C. Provincial Boxing Championships.

The youngest of the fighting Varga Brothers is 20 year old Jacob. Starting Martial Arts classes on his 4th birthday, Jacob trained diligently 4-5 times a week for over 10 years before taking a short break, then made the decision to switch over to compete in amateur boxing.

Jacob’s older brothers, Gabriel and Aaron Varga are very well known to fight fans and Jacob has had great support from them both over the years. Being able to train and spar with both Gabriel and Aaron has certainly been a huge benefit to Jacob.

Jacob and brother gabrielCongratulations all around from left to right, sister Leah Varga, Jacob Varga and Gabriel Varga – Photo courtesy of the Varga family

Jacob spent 2012 training and fighting with Nate Olsen and all the fighters at Olsen’s Martial Arts

Olsen’s is without a doubt the nicest Boxing club I have ever seen and a terrific choice to host our provincial Championships. The team atmosphere at Olson’s is extremely wholesome and supportive.

Jacob set his goals on winning our 75 kg Provincial and Canadian National Boxing Championships. To help him accomplish this goal, he came up with an ambitious plan. Jacob’s mother – Lynn, was offered a very unique opportunity this past year and has been living in Guadalajara, Mexico. Jacob recognizes it is pretty common knowledge that as a group, Mexican fighters are certainly amongst the best in the world. Jacob figured if he went to live, train and fight in a country where he neither spoke the language, had any friends and couple that with the fact all the fighters are really good and kind of scary – learning to function down there under those conditions would help his performance back in Canada.

For close to 5 months Jacob trained extremely hard while getting in some very challenging amateur bouts. This experience was a great benefit and as Jacob won his fights at the Provincials and captured the B.C. Provincial Championship, I would venture to say he came up with a great plan for himself.

Jacob is looking forward to competing at our Canadian Nationals in the near future and along the way has made some wonderful new friends in Mexico.

Congratulations to Jacob and many thanks to his brothers, Nate Olsen and all of the fighters who have worked so hard with him.