No Stopping Manuel Osborne-Paradis


Written by Michele Sealey  (ISN) – Photographs by Glenn Ivens – (ISN)

May 25, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The Manuel Osborne-Paradis that most people know, is the alpine ski racer from BC, and a member of the “Canadian Cowboys”. He’s won medals, he does community work, he likes to surf.

His giving-back has included creating a bursury for hard-working young ski racers in BC, and Mike & Manny’s Camp, where he and teammate Mike Janyk provide an annual ski camp in Whistler for young racers who would otherwise not be able to access such high-level training.

Manuel Osborne-Paradis-041Canadian Olympic Alpine Skier Manuel Osborne-Paradis was all smiles during interview with Island Sports News. (photo by Glenn Ivens) 

At the recent Canadian Olympic Team Media Summit, held as part of the Olympic Excellence Series in Vancouver earlier this month, ISN sat down with Manuel to find out about the person behind his “larger than life” reputation.

Although he calls Alberta home right now, it seems we just might find him on Vancouver Island in the off season. He let us in on his favourite get-away spots on Vancouver Island; for the gold medal, he told us that he’s “a Port Renfrew guy – for the surf”. By the glint in his eyes when he talked about surfing out there, perhaps the Sooke Region tourism folks should talk to him! His silver medal Island spot is the bike trails in the Cumberland area.

Manuel Osborne-Paradis-028Laughs abound as Canadian Olympic Alpine Skier Manuel Osborne-Paradis answered Island Sports News’ off the wall questions. (photo by Glenn Ivens)

Looking at his lifestyle on and off the course, it’s obvious that he likes to keep active and moving – by his own admission, he’s not a big movie-goer, as he says he can’t sit that still for 2 hours. That was easy to believe when he told us his favourite dance move: “The White Guy Throw Your Arms Everywhere”. Although he declined to demonstrate it for us, no doubt that it’s an epic show! That also might explain that while he doesn’t like any of the yoga poses (be still, young Grasshopper), he is into hot yoga.

So what powers a slope legend like Manuel? He told us that we wouldn’t find much in his fridge at home; since he lives downtown, he has the opportunity to eat out every night. While he didn’t give away diet and training secrets, he did allude to favouring 5-cent candy, saying simply, “I like dinosaurs”. Budding reporters, mark that down in your notebook, as that might be a way to keep him sitting for those longer interviews!

Manuel Osborne-Paradis-016
Canadian Olympic Alpine Skier Manuel Osborne-Paradis takes a moment to ponder his destination if he had a Time Machine. (photo by Glenn Ivens)

Showing where his love of the slopes is rooted, Manuel told us that if he had a time machine, he’d travel to 1970’s Whistler. Come to think of it, that sounds like a great place to visit.

He told us that “Thunderstruck” by ACDC held some meaning for him.

“Sound of the drums, Beatin’ in my heart, The thunder of guns, Tore me apart”

Manuel, from all of us here at ISN,we hope you tear apart those hills in Sochi.