LISA partners with ReBalanceM​D


Andrew Latham

May 26, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The Lower Island Soccer Association is pleased to announce a partnership with RebalanceMD.

RebalanceMD is the new home of coordinated musculoskeletal care in Victoria, efficiently bringing together all the orthopaedic surgeons in coordination with related professional expertise.

RebalanceMD and LISA will partner together to deliver injury prevention strategies to coaches of all ages across the LISA district. By educating coaches of all levels in correct warm-up techniques and therapeutic techniques to prevent injury, RebalanceMD intends to maximize their effect on the Vancouver Island soccer community and beyond. “We know there are warm-up techniques that will prevent injuries by up to 45-50 percent,” says RebalanceMD CEO and physiotherapist, Stefan Fletcher.

“We are really excited about our partnership with RebalanceMD” commented LISA head coach Andrew Latham. “This gives us a great opportunity to get vital information about injury prevention strategies to the people on the ground and our belief is that prevention is much better than a cure. At the same time RebalanceMD is also joining with LISA and our member clubs in our drive to mandate coaching certification across the LISA district by the summer of 2015 by contributing to the LISA coaching course fund.”

RebalanceMD will also make a financial contribution to the LISA coaching fund which allows for all LISA youth coaches to attend BC Soccer coaching clinics free of charge.