Story and Photos by Michele Sealey (ISN)

May 28, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – The AfriCa Fest 2013 festivities finished with gusto on the weekend, with the 1st Annual AfriCa Fest Friendly Soccer Tournament held at the UVIC soccer fields.

Various groups fielded local teams, including Victoria Kings FC, Simba Pro, and Triton FC. A Vancouver team, the Africa United FC (ACSCA), made the trek to the Island to participate.

DSC 1172 (800x450)
Organiser Moussa Traorè takes time out from tracking the teams, to snap a few photos – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

Amid smiles and good-natured teasing, all teams played in alternating drizzle and sun, and despite the friendly nature, they gave their all. With moves worthy of the pros, the Victoria Kings FC and Africa United FC certainly kept the crowd entertained. In their match, the first goal finally came just minutes before the end of the game – making for quite the exciting match-up.

DSC 1136 (800x450)
Victoria Kings FC #20, Amer Asiri battles for the ball from the Africa United player – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

DSC 1138 (800x450)
A header by an Africa United player knocks the ball behind Victoria Kings’ Elvis Nouemsi – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

The friendliness was exemplified when a Kings member went down with a shoulder injury, and an African United player called out, “Shake it off and come back”, as the injured player was helped off the field. The Victoria Kings sure did shake off minor injuries – they came back to win the overall Tournament!

DSC 1143 (800x450)
#9 Moath Alhudan sends the ball to fellow Victoria Kings player, #5 Elvis Nouemsi – Photo by Michele Seeley

DSC 1144 (800x450)
Victoria Kings players Elvis Nouemsi and Moath Alhudan prepare to take the ball from an Africa United player – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

DSC 1145 (800x450)
#20 Amer Asiri ably takes possession of the ball – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

The Fest and Soccer Tournament were organised by Moussa Traorè and Pulcherie Mboussi, of the Victoria African & Caribbean Society. It’s a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the African, Caribbean, & Creole culture in and around Victoria. It’s clear from the Tournament that they also believe in promoting friendly competition and co-operation between local amateur soccer groups.

DSC 1150 (800x450)
#5 Elvis Nouemsi successfully takes the ball for Victoria Kings – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

DSC 1152 (800x450)
#4 Djibril Diallo recovers from doing the splits to get the ball for Victoria Kings – Photo by Michele Sealey

The Tournament was definitely a family-oriented event – there were lots of children, and most could be found kicking balls back and forth in the grass behind the stands! We’re looking forward to next year’s Tournament, which Moussa and Pulcherie promise will be “bigger and better”. Congratulations to all the teams, and the organisers, for providing a fun, family-friendly sporting event.

DSC 1158 (800x450)
#20 Amer Asiri manoeuvring the ball – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)

DSC 1159 (800x450)
GOAL! The first and only goal of the match between Victoria Kings FC (1) and Africa United FC (0). The Victoria Kings went on to later take 1st place in the Tournament – Photo by Michele Sealey (ISN)